Have you ever walked out of church during Mass?

Liturgical abuse can be really bad. I’ve been tempted to walk out on several occasions because I just couldn’t stand it but managed to force myself to stay and offer it up. I normally don’t take communion in such situations because it doesn’t seem right.

Have you ever left during Mass? Can that be justified?

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I have never walked out; I’m there to worship our Lord.

What are the abuses that you find so offensive? I’d really be interested.

I can only recall a couple times I had to leave, and that was because illness started to overcome me. I did not want others to get sick, I couldn’t focus on the Mass, and I needed to go rest to heal.

There are a number of justifications for leaving Mass, such as a doctor or policeman being called to a major emergency.

yeah, as a priest we are kind of stuck there…

JESUS: Receive the Eucharist and receive my body, blood, soul and divinity.

YOU: No thanks, I don’t like the guy who’s giving it to me.

Think about that for a little bit…

I’ve walked out once during Mass because the baby in the pew behind me desparately needed a diaper change and it was making me seriously ill. I nearly had a “reversal of fortune” right there. Thank goodness for the one hour fast. Who knew it would come in handy for babies’ dirty diapers?

I’ve wanted to walk out once when the priest seemed infuriated at having to celebrate Mass. He was brusk with the server (who was a sweet elderly adult, this was a weekday Mass), and practically tossed the chalice and paten around the altar. I was afraid he’d start throwing things or just quit altogether and walk out of his own Mass. I stayed for the entire Mass and about halfway through, this priest started to visibly calm down. It was a wonderful thing to see how the Real Presence of Jesus brought this priest out of his horrid mood.

I’ve wondered about how our elderly priests handle bladder issues during Mass. Most of the elderly men I know always have one eye on the men’s room, yet our priests can’t exactly excuse themselves during Mass, can they?

What on earth happened to make you want to walk out of Mass?

God bless

I walked out once because the priest was going on about women’s ordination, but that made no impression because I had my children with me and was always having to go outside anyway :o So I gave up on walking out.

Another time the Mass I was headed to… was not happening because I was confused about the time. The next nearest Mass was one I didn’t like because of the things the priest said and some minor abuses, so I didn’t go. My confessor was not happy about that one, so I gave that up too.

So I try to just offer up any sufferings I may have, and kneel during the Consecration no matter what anyone says (unless I legitimately don’t have room to kneel in–which has not yet happened).

Excellent point. I have not walked, but, I have chosen to not receive if I felt my thoughts and emotions made me truly unworthy, and felt like Confession should be my next Sacrament instead.

I have never walked out of Church but my father did last year when his Church introduced “liturgical dancing” Apparently the dancers (mother and daughter) were wearing white spaghetti strapped gowns where their body parts would become exposed at times.

My father went to the priest that week to discuss it with him and the priest said something about boobs only being a body part and to stop making a big deal about it.

My father started a petition that he was going to send to the bishop, he got tons of support. Well before it went to the bishop, the practice stopped.

This was from a nice traditional N.O. Church. My father is still a parishioner there, so things must have gone back to normal.

It sometimes has nothing to do with Jesus and ourselves. Some things these priests and EMCs do to Jesus are just sacrilegious. Several times I’ve been sick to my stomach at a Mass due to this evil.

It doesn’t mean you can’t go somewhere else and receive, however. I’d say this is bit of an ignorant answer.

Sacrilegious?! Really? I have never seen anything close to that. I’ve seen brusk, run of the mill, bad mood, never sacrilege.

I have only walked out of Mass once in my life; it was because the lady next to me was fainting from heatstroke - I took her out to give her a glass of water.

A wise man once told me, “No humility, no holiness, no holiness, no heaven.” and those are words that I take to heart dearly and try living by. With that being said, I don’t find any humility whatsoever in what you just posted. What seems to be the problem in the first place? you don’t like the priest? you don’t like the priests homily? You force yourself to stay there and offer it up? what does that mean? There are many spiritual gifts and many things that we need to do, such as love, charity and many others things, but I believe that it all starts with humility. Jesus didn’t find equality with God something to be grasped at, instead He humbled himself and became a slave among men. He became a slave of love, even unto death, death upon a cross. Mary tells us - “I am the humble handmaid of the Lord.” Sacred Scripture also tells us “The humble will be exalted and the exalted will be humbled.” Let that sink in for a minute, God humbled Himself. I think that you need to start pointing a finger back at yourself my friend, and pray for the gift of humility. I’ll leave you with a couple of quotes from some Saints of the Catholic Church, and how importantly they viewed the true gift humility.

“It seems to me that humility is truth. I do not know whether I am humble, but I do know that I see truth in all things.”

Therese De Lisieux

“Wouldst thou comprehend the height of God? First comprehend the lowliness of God. Condescend to be humble for thine own sake, seeing that God condescended to be humble for thy sake too, for it was not for his own.”

Augustine Of Hippo

I just about did when they started playing conga drums. I was afraid Desi Arnaz would come out and start singing Babloo and we would form a conga line to recieve the Eucharist.
I stayed put, but had to keep praying for patience.:frowning:

Yes, I have. I was traveling and went to a parish near me for mass. While I was there the priest began to vent about some of the parishioners during his homily. A number of parishioners began to argue back with the priest. I walked out after five minutes of bickering back and forth. I do not regret it. I am not about to expose my two children to that type of nonsense.

Wow, that’s certainly something new. Our priest only complained about parishioners after Mass.

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