Have you ever witnessed any supernatural or unfamiliar thing like guosts or miracles?

In person.

Yes. Every day. Every day on this earth is a miracle. Look around you. I can’t understand people who say, blah blah, another Spring, another birth, another sunrise.

Ghosts no.


Other than my own conversion and transformation.

Nope, I haven’t seen anything that I can recognize as a miracle.


Yes I have experience of such things, good and also bad. The supernatural and preternatural does exist. Without a shadow of a doubt.

I have seen the Host bleed, Our Lord’s face in the Host (wearing the crown of thorns). I have also experienced demonic activity which is probably not worth mentioning.

Ghosts are demons.

A couple of health miracles, directly attributed to the sacraments. Experienced.

Many years ago I attended a papal mass and received communion; John Paul II was principal celebrant, of course. At the time I was having severe trouble with bleeding peptic ulcers. I felt a sense of warmth. Not a stitch of trouble with the ulcers since. That was in the 1980s.

About ten years ago my husband was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Biopsy was positive. He had a polyp the size of your thumb and an infected area the size of your fist. He was anointed the next day. Emergency surgery a few days later resected large amounts of intestine. The second biopsy? Totally negative. Even the surgeon was so surprised that he wrote it up for a health journal.

I had Rheumatic Fever in '68… I fully recovered and entered the Naval Academy in 1975…

I met my wife in 1980, married in 81, and have been happily married ever since.

Miracles are always in the eye of the recipient!

I pray for miracles all the time!

I was stationed in San Francisco in the mid 80’s - I saw me a LOT of ‘unfamiliar’ things! :slight_smile:

I thought Dickens said they were bits of undigested beef…

:rotfl: CB

Not sure if supernatural or my brain producing false images

One time while (half) asleep, I felt something holding my neck and snarling.
On some occasions, I have dreams where I can sense something malicious but whenever I try to make a sign of the Cross, I am unable. (unfortunately most times I’m in mortal sin…)
Sometimes during sleep I can feel something poke my sides (not too painful but kind of like a sewing needle prodding) – disappears as soon as I wake up.
And the weirdest of all: also while asleep, I felt something on my shoulders, and said the Hail Mary. Right after amen, I heard a soft scream and my vision went red (from pitch black to a red tint).

I think a perceptible miracle was coming across The Dialog by St. Catherine of Siena when I was still Protestant. That and the Sayings of the Desert Fathers.

LOL!! :smiley: :wink:

That’s a really great story, isn’t it?

Hello Friardchips :),

Ghosts certainly can be demonic.

One must discern what they are seeing, if one has the ability to see spirits.

However, it is also thought that they can also be souls coming to visit the living and asking for prayers from the living to be released from Purgatory.

Some of our Catholic Saints were visited by souls from Purgatory, where the souls were asking for prayers from these Saints so that they could be released from Purgatory so that they could move on to Heaven.

St. Faustina comes to my mind off of the top of my head as one saint who was visited by souls from Purgatory asking for prayers so that they could be released from Purgatory, but there are other saints, as well.

Here is a link to an article from the National Catholic Register that gives a little more information about Ghosts and the Catholic Church, if anyone wants to take a look at it:


I may have seen something when I was young. I went on a tour of a reformatory and remember seeing a room to my left when the group had stopped. There was a fairly bright light coming from the window, which I guessed was sunlight, but the light was the only thing I could see. I couldn’t see the sky or the ground or anything but a white light. I think I remember a curtain flapping as well, or a dark figure next to it.

Kids have active imaginations, though. It was probably nothing.

Thanks for the link. That was an outstanding article well worth the read.


Here is one experience:
I went away to camp at 12 and during one of the first nights away, before campfire ghost stories were shared, experienced essentially sleep paralysis.

I was woken from a sound sleep. The tent flaps were pulled open from the outside and all I could see was a green intense light. I was afraid the green thing wanted to get to me, and I couldn’t move. I was experiencing sleep paralysis, and it seemed to be there for an hour. It might have been only minutes, but I couldn’t get away. I remember closing my eyes to see if it would disappear, it didn’t. I couldn’t seem to see if my tent mates were sleeping or seeing it too. I remember fearfully falling back asleep.

The next morning I asked my tent mates, and the one who slept on my side of the tent said she experienced it too. She was frightened and didn’t want to talk about it.

I don’t ever want to see another and it’s been decades ago. I did try to figure it out, one explanation was the ‘energy’ of prepubescents and teens is so high that it becomes a Poltergeist. Idk what it was, but I didn’t like it.

Yikes. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis but never fully awake – and never with strange lights…


Yes. Several times.

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