Have you had candles blessed at Candlemas?

Do you have candles blessed at candlemas? If so, how many, and what are they used for throughout the year?

For Byzantines:

The blessed candles are kept in the home, and lighted and placed before a holy icon in times of serious sickness or danger. They are also used in the rites of baptism, anointing of the sick, and may be placed in the hands of dying Christians as the prayers for the departure of the soul are said.


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Light. :slight_smile: Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I know at the seminary near me, they have all of the candles that they will use purchased and then laid out in and around the sanctuary to be blessed. These are then used throughout the year for mass, devotionals, etc.

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I’ve had candles, that were blessed, for about 20 years.

What do you use them for?

Obviously,I have no idea. :laughing:


I have not, because I haven’t happened upon a church actually celebrating Candlemas in like, ever. I may try to find one this year.

As for what to use blessed candles for, people used to keep them around the house in case the priest had to pop in and give Extreme Unction to somebody dying in the house. That’s kind of gone out the window now as most people die in the hospital and the sacrament was changed to Anointing of the Sick so many people get it well before death.

My mother would always keep a blessed candle and when we had a bad thunderstorm she would light it and put it in the sink so it wouldn’t cause a fire, because she was scared and wanted God’s help. She would do this a bunch of times every year. As an adult, I’m not that scared of storms though I probably should be, and also with a ton of cats in the house I’m not going to be lighting candles even in the sink because cats jump in sinks and might set themselves on fire and then run through the house setting everything on fire.

If you believe in the “3 Days of Darkness” we’re all supposed to have blessed beeswax candles because supposedly nothing else will light during that time. I reckon in that case I’ll probably just remain in the dark and pray because with my luck I won’t be able to find the candle or I’ll have left it at a different location than the one I happen to be in.

It’s possible if I got such a blessed candle I might light it from time to time for short durations when I could watch to make sure no cats torch themselves on it.


I had never heard of this until you mentioned it here. You do realize nearly every reference to it available online is a sedevacantist source, right?

Our church is doing it this year. It’s the first time in my life (Im 52) I never really knew it existed. I sort of assumed it was an Episcopalian/Anglican thing.

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I’ve heard it from all kinds of sources including charismatic and people who are still in the Church. It’s not a sede thing, it’s in the private revelations of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi who is a legitimate beati. Her status as beati means that her private revelations are considered approved. That doesn’t mean one has to believe them of course, or that they will literally happen just as she said.


Thanks. I did all of 15 minutes of “research” - it was just enough to raise an eyebrow, but I didn’t take you as the sede type :wink:

We ALWAYS have blessed candles in the house. The first thing our family did (and I still do!) when a thunderstorm comes is get out the blessed candles and light them. One time the power went out. I started praying the Rosary and when I was done the power came back!

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In my Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church parish, Father always blesses candles! It’s tradition!

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Oh? Is that what they are used for? I had no idea. :upside_down_face:


3 Days of Darkness? I’ll have to research that.

I wonder how many other Catholics grew up lighting blessed candles during storms. What an interesting Catholic cultural tidbit.

I know… there is always a smart aleck in the group. :blush: I couldn’t resist… please forgive me. :innocent:

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Yes. The candles are used on the home shrine or for more mundane purposes.

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