Have you heard a good homily on Hell lately?

i haven’t… so if you could relate what you heard, i would be appreciative… and i feel others here would be as well…

Jesus spoke of Hell more than Heaven… He spoke of it often… told us to even cut off things like our foot :eek: if it causes us to sin…

So why are there no homilies about it??

Do priests no longer care if we all go to Hell?

Well… OK, i can kinda relate… I get pretty disgusted with the human race myself sometimes… :smiley: but still…


The biggest problem I see in preaching about Hell is that so many people have already complained about how it’s a huge “scare tactic”. :shrug:

I am honestly really curious about hearing a good homily about hell soon because my friend recently had me read an article that was trying to say that hell is nothing more than a pit of fire that people go to after judgment and then they burn to death, and cease to exist. This is largely on the basis that God wouldn’t allow his children to suffer for all eternity because he is suppose to be “forever merciful and loving.”

I did hear a homily on Hell a few months ago while visiting my daughter’s church. The priest was a good preacher, but it kind of lost it’s effectiveness when he said “Now I’m not trying to scare the poop out of you, or anything”…

I couldn’t get past the word “poop”:stuck_out_tongue:

I have not heard a homily about hell at Mass like, ever, but most Parish priests are afraid of driving people away, I think. Father John Corapi on EWTN speaks very boldly about such things. He takes his homilies directly from scripture and doesn’t water them down at all. He states in no certain terms that the devil and hell are real. Remember, though that people choose heaven or hell, even while on earth. And the name of Jesus is Mercy for souls. Check him out. I "ve learned a lot by watching.

The last and maybe only time I heard a really good fire and brimstone homily on Hell was when I was in early grade school. And even then I was much too young to remember much of it. I was probably 6 or 7 at the time.

I think maybe the priests have been instructed to down play the punishment aspects of our faith and focus on the mercy perspectives.

There are a bunch of great sermons to download here:


They have at least two on hell. I’ve never heard a sermon from there that I didn’t like.

How often do you pray for priests at mass? Maybe that is something you should do more if you haven’t done so.

An excellent point! :thumbsup:

I listen to sermons here ever once in a while.


I heard one a while ago on the Pharisees and how Jesus tells them that they are making converts to Hell… the challenge was: what if we are doing the same thing? What if we are like the pharisees? what if we are not being light or salt in the world, but instead, we are bringing its opposite? The Pharisees were sure they were messengers of ‘the way.’ They thought they had it all figured out, but they were misguided… am I? Are you? It was really good.

whatever works…

this makes sense to the human mind but we forget that God doesn’t think as we do…

Jesus spoke of “eternal” punishment (St Mt 25:31)…

The wrath of God against sin (& sinners if they do not detach from it) did not just go away with the Old Testament… when Jesus died for us… If anything, the wrath of God burns even hotter because now the world is without excuse…

I know the wrath of God… from experience… so no one can deceive me about this anymore…

wow… that’s bad using that word during Mass… :eek:

besides, he*** should*** be trying to scare the (we’ll say) h— out of people…

anything that “gets the hell out” of people is a good thing…

especially since Jesus said that it is NOT easy getting into Heaven (St Luke 13:24, etc.)

only problem is, sometimes people get so used to thinking that God is merciful, they tell themselves that He could, due to this mercy, never “send someone to Hell”… Of course, pepole send themselves there, but God allows them to do so… if they are unfit for Purgatory. In any case… there is too much belief in mercy these days… a lot of people think that everyone (including themselves… always including themselves…) is going to Heaven… That is NOT what Scirpture says… Do we believe Jesus or popular culture?

The problem with trying to use “scare tactics” is that it doesn’t work very well any more. Non-believers don’t believe in demons just as much as they don’t believe in angels.

If you wanna use it, you gotta prove it to them. The only chance you can do that though, imo, is if you capture a demon yourself. (If it comes to that though, feel free to sign me up :shrug:).

we make converts to Hell when we are apathetic about people’s eternal destinies…& It is easy to fall into this kind of apathy… After all, the world generally doesn’t want to hear our preachings about Jesus and being saved… so a lot of the time, we Christians get lazy and don’t evangelize… but when we force ourselves to do it, regardless of how we feel, regardless of how hated we will be because of it… it does get “easier” &… .well… sometimes we actually DO start giving a rip whehter people end up in Hell or not… “Fake it till you make it”…

(after you’ve been the victim of a lot of evil, you tend to kinda not care sometimes… so that’ s why i say this) :eek::frowning:


fear of Hell … actually fear of temporary Hell (another way of saying Purgatory) keeps me from… going against the Word of God… so why wouldn’t it work for someone else?

This society is too into touchy-feely, warm-fuzzies… Anything else doesn’t seem like love so they reject it… which is probably why many reject Jesus himself… Jesus called pepole hypocrites, vipers, liars…

not too touchy-feely or warm and fuzzy, huh? :smiley:

Is there such a things as a “good” homily on hell?:smiley:

You’ve never heard an atheist rant now have you? Personally, I don’t really care if you scare an atheist with hell. I just don’t believe it’s going to work unless you prove it to him/her. Though, given the close-minded stubbornness of such people (hypocritical when they’re the ones accusing Christians of such), the only 100% effective way you could prove it is by showing it in their faces.

Words don’t work for these people. Physical reality does. Otherwise, Chick Tracts would’ve worked.

Good ones! And try Sensus Traditionis below too, a 3 parter on Hell. Very good. :slight_smile:

Some people respond positively to sermons on Hell, some don’t – though in fact in the latter case it’s not always clear. They might reject it outright at first, but then have them haunt it afterwards and realize they need to do something finally.

Because the objective reality they probably -are- in REAL trouble ahead.

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