Have you heard about Jason Stellman (former presbyterian minister, Catholic convert)?

I just came across the story of a former Presbyterian pastor who has had his life really rocked after converting to Catholicism thanks to the anti-catholic milieu he lives in. It really broke my heart, he made this recent post sharing what he’s had to deal with:


It’s so inspiring to read people who have suffered upon converting to Catholicism. Personally my relationship with my family hasn’t been the best since they’re all atheists, but luckily I haven’t suffered as much as Jason Stellman.

I can’t say I find this way that some Christians (As I should still call them even if they wouldn’t return the favor) try to “mark” people who convert to Catholicism and call them apostates, etc. very palatable. I hear Calvinists like to talk about how God gave them a heart of flesh to replace their heart of stone (with nothing done on their part of course :p) but I can’t say this practice demonstrates a “heart of flesh”.

It’s not easy for me to live in an atheist milieu, but luckily I don’t live in an anti-catholic milieu.

I have heard and read that what keeps a lot of Protestants from converting especially pastors is the money. They have dedicated their entire life to preaching that once they come across the Tiber they don’t know how to make things work.

This is exactly why the “Coming Home Network” was founded.



I’ve been listening to his conversion story here, it’s great (his blog is great too, there’s so many rustled calvinists who are going insane with every pro-catholic anti-calvinist post he makes because his blog used to be calvinist…you back to his old posts and there’s barely any comments):


It’s funny because I found out about him from a calvinist who looks a lot like him (and who seems to be supremely rustled by him at the moment).

Stellman has written a couple of more recent blog posts since the 2 Years a Catholic post. One can be found on his Heavy For the Vintage blog and another on his Drunk Ex Pastors podcast site.

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