Have you heard of a rosary with six decades?

In our Adoration Chapel, there are two large Rosaries hanging on the wall. One of them has the normal five decades but has a Risen Christ Crucifix. We’ve never seen a Rosary with a Risen Christ Crucifix on it before. The other one has the normal Crucifix, however, there are six decades on it. When we questioned our Pastor about what it meant, or if it was a mistake, he said he did not know. It’s been well over a year since we’ve asked him, and no changes have occurred. This is bothersome to see it hanging in the Adoration Chapel. Should we be concerned? Thanks for your help!

You need not be concerned. While I’m not familiar with the rosary you described, there are many different types of rosaries (e.g. seven-decade Franciscan Crown Rosary). You might find information on the six-decade rosary in Ann Ball’s book Handbook of Catholic Sacramentals

For a look at a beautiful antique Psalter rosary (A.D. 1720) go here.

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