Have you heard of people who have seen their guardian Angel or other?


Have you heard of people who have seen their guardian Angel or other thing?


Padre Pio saw angels. People claim they see angels sometimes, whether or not it was their actual guardian or some other angel. Children see them sometimes. It seems like people see demons more than angels from what I’ve gathered. Lets see what other posters have to say…


no one will “see” their guardian angel until maybe & if you get to heaven

i wish catholics would stop obsessing about guardian angels

the g. angels do their duty as proscribed by God

we do ours

say a quiet prayer of thanks to your guardian angel; that is above & beyond what is even required…


My three-year-old cousin was painfully dying of cancer. He described to his mom that people with wings, angels, would often come to visit him. When it was close to his death, he said, “Mom, I think they are going to take me with them soon, they’re getting bigger.”:smile:

When my dad and brother were traveling, my dad was in process of stepping into a road, but right as he did so, a car whizzed by. He would’ve been hit if it weren’t for a powerful tug on his collar right backwards into the sidewalk. There was no one behind him, only my brother next to him. They both said there was a very large, nice American man who seemed to be near them, knowingly? At mass that morning before this incident.

Lastly, I had a strong urge to pray to my guardian angel driving home from Mass with my kids one night. Five minutes later, a car plunged into the side of the car, running a red coming off of the freeway. The car spun around, totaled. I was 8 months pregnant and 3 little ones were in the back, all fine.


I have sensed my GA but not seen it.


Please do not listen to the advice of Brian. The Guardian Angel is far more important that one might expect. They have been entrusted by God for the handling of our own salvation! They have been with us from our birth, and have went through all of our joys and all of our sorrows together. They are constantly with us, praying for us and protecting us from the power of the Devil. Always remember your Guardian Angel when you sin. Some Saints who had wonderful experiences with their Angels are Gemma Galgani and Padre Pio. Gemma’s Angel always reprimanded her when she sinned, and he actually took her letters to her spiritual director. The Guardian Angels of other people were sent to Padre Pio who then prayed for said people. Even John XXIII told his Guardian Angel to go and pray with the Guardian Angel of the person he was about to go and meet. Quite awesome!


Her letters? About what? :open_mouth:


My sister once was making a left turn in her car. Her car died in the middle of the intersection. An oncoming car was about to T-bone her car. She said a very old man appeared behind her car and pushed her out of the way. She said she didn’t know how he was strong enough to do it or why he wasn’t hit by the oncoming car. When she got out to thank the man he was no where to be seen. She believes it was her guardian angel. I do too.

I sometimes ask my guardian angel to communicate with the guardian angel of others so as to communicate intentions or needs. It works often enough to convince me it is really happening.


Well, she kept a diary(against her will, she did it for the sake of the virtue of obedience), and the Devil was very angry about it because of the good her writings would do. One day, a demon appeared to her and cried out ‘War, war, war!’ and later on, she found her diary missing. She wrote quickly to her spiritual director(Ven. Father Germanus), who performed an exorcism and the diary appeared out of thin air, with scorch marks all over it. This was just one occasion, of course, but she wrote to him many times, even when she did not know where he was. She would leave her letters under a statue, and they would vanish, only to reappear to Father Germanus without any postage. If you want to read more you can just google the Diary of Gemma Galgani


I wish I could see mine right now.


I have seen mine. I am truly grateful for that. It was necessary to give me perseverance during a particularly difficult time.


I was driving home from a late basketball practice in high school. It was a cloudy night—no stars, no moon. I was going 55 on a state road… My brakes slammed on and I came to a screeching halt. My foot was still on the accelerator. There were five deer in the road in front of me, the closest five feet away.

I make a BIG deal out of the Catholic Church’s teaching on Guardian Angels. :grin:


Saint Gemma could see her guardian angel much of the time, and whenever she did something that particularly displeased him, he gave her a very stern rebuke.

I like Gemma because she was quite naughty. Not a perfect little saint, by any means. She very honestly recounts her difficulties in being the person Jesus wanted her to be and her gradual victory over her weaknesses and imperfections.


Would you describe it? Or is it too personal? If it’s too personal, I understand. Peace!


Yeah that’s not Catholic teaching.


Wow communication with your guard end angel. Interesting idea


Thanks for sharing the story!!


BIG NEWS THAT YOU NEED TO INVESTIGATE: A Greek Orthodox woman named Vassula Ryden was approached by her guardian angel, who prepared her for the approach of God Himself and his love hymn for modern man. The resulting book, True Life in God (read the book’s introduction first), has Roman Catholic Church approval (Nihil Obstat, Imprimatur). The prequel which concerns her angel’s communication, is published separately in a book called My Angel Daniel. Find out more at the TLIG official website online. You will recognize The Shepherd’s voice and want to share what you have discovered! God bless.


I know a very good, holy Catholic priest who said when he was a child, he prayed every night to see his guardian angel. When his angel finally appeared, it so frightened him, he never prayed a similar prayer again.


That probably explains A LOT about why we don’t all get to meet our Guardian while still on earth. Lol!

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