have you heard this true story?

a priest met a fundamentalis preacher in a ministerial meeting.then,the preacher introduced himself aggresively to him by saying," im brother so and so.you know,i belong to the church that is based on the bible.the priest responded by giving his name ,and said " and i belong to the church that wrote that bible".

Have you seen such an exchange take place, or did you read about it somewhere?

I’d also like to know what rejoinder was given by the Protestant pastor.



Wow, I was unable to submit this post with just :smiley: in it–minimum character count for a post is 3, so now I have to figure out something to add to the :smiley: in order to be able to post…

Life is soooo complicated sometimes!

I’m afraid I think this was merely a zinger… a joke

That possibility seemed increasingly likely after I posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

i read that story from a catholic magazine yesterday.the author implied that he was told by a priest. about the incident.

However the story came to be, it seems like a pretty good retort. :slight_smile:

Indeed. :smiley:

That’s hilarious. I love it.

Cool. :slight_smile: (Looks like my original idea was correct. :o)

Was the article from “This Rock” or some other publication? Maybe we can find it online.

i read it on CATHOLIC L.I.F.E. magazine page 6.you may email tha author at catholiclifemag@gmail.com

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