Have you hooked up your DTV converter boxes yet?

Is TV any better with them?

We already had a digital tv and just had to buy the antenna. The reception is awesome when you can get it. It takes a lot of messing with it to get reception for the station you want. All the stations are different, so you have to adjust the antenna accordingly. On the upside, there are more channels offered by the major networks.


No. The shows are still just as banal.

I have cable and tv still sucks.

We hooked ours up when we got it back before Christmas. Our reception improved dramatically (minus PBS) and we over doubled the stations that we got. It’s basically twice as much junk except for 2 stations - a cartoon channel for the kiddies & a classic station (think Gilligan’s Island, The Brady Bunch, Bewitched, etc).

My mother-in-law bought “digital rabbit ears” and borrowed it to us. That helped greatly with those channels that were on the border and also w/ PBS. One still had to fiddle with it now and then though.

The biggest negative I see though - if one walks in front of the rabbit ears, the signal noticably drops. And during bad weather, forget about it. At least with the analog broadcasts I could still find out whether I needed to hit the basement or not.

We have had ours since the $40 coupon cards came out at the beginning. We FAR prefer this to cable. I have limited basic cable ONLY because it is bundled with my internet service, and to drop the tv portion would raise my broadband cost, and I have to have broadband for working from home. :rolleyes:

When I hooked up the cable on the livingroom tv I thought DH was going to have a FIT!!! He lost the Retro Channel, the PBS Create Channel, and there was all this crummy stuff instead. He hated it. So we are DTV only in the livingroom now. :thumbsup:

I use the cable in the upstairs bedroom because I only bought one converter box, and I have to say I prefer the DTV selections.


On the flip-side. We taped LOST last night while we were gone. The first half is perfect. All of a sudden before a commercial the picture froze and all there was was sound. Then after several minutes we get the screen as if we were powering up - where it scans for channels. After that the picture was garbage. It was painful to watch.

Doesn’t make sense. Nothing changed.

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