Have you kept your vow?

I find it quite hard sometimes to keep promises. For example, sometimes I’ll tell my friends, “I’ll eat lunch with you,” or “I’ll eat dinner with you” and then I won’t do it! My legs will go wobbly and my stomach will go funny and I’ll eat on my own, or something.

Other times, I think it’s easier for me to keep promises.

Let’s all do our best to keep to our vows. Let’s pray that we may know our vows and keep them. Let’s let go of our false vows & follow only true ones.


What are you talking about? Vows and promises are not the same thing.

Yes, vague promises or statements of intent are certainly not vows.

I have a few friends like that. They say they’ll do something and they consistently don’t. It’s really annoying and I’ve learned not to depend on them. I think it’s pretty easy. If you know you probably won’t do something, don’t say you will. Or even say you need more time or you’ll have to get back to that person later. And I’m talking about promises, not vows, because I assume your post was about promises.

Wedding vows yes.

Other lesser promises unfortunately there have been a number of times that I don’t (or can’t) fulfill them.

I’m getting much better about saying “I’ll try my hardest” instead of promising something. Things always go wrong somewhere and letting someone know you are only human is both necessary and beneficial at times.

I agree that promises are not the same as vows. At the same time, I think they are roughly in the same group of things, no?

I agree that things like wedding vows ought to be kept. I think the same goes for vows to a religious life. I find it inspirational to find people who stick to those vows, and saddening to find when people have failed those vows (divorce, leaving religious life, etc).

For example, I find it awe-inspiring to see my parents stick with it year after year. I’m grateful that they have stuck together. It’s supernatural.

Here is a definition of the word vow from the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia:


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