Have you made a mistake here on CAF and want to retract?


Have you made a mistake on CAF that you want to correct (repent of)? You can list it here if you want…

I’m surprised no one caught this… but one time on CAF i said that if the pastor of the church that Tiller (killed abortionist) went to had been orthodox Roman Catholic, he would have excommunicated him (gotten him excommunicated, officially) and kicked him out of the Church. I don’t know why i said that because the Church doesn’t kick anyone out… even the excommunicated are not kicked out… only expected not to receive Communion.

This is not the only thing i probably need to repent of… :frowning: but its the only thing that’s eating at me right now…


I could max out this thread!



just one thing would be good… don’t want to be alone here… :smiley:

(although a cursory purusal of the forums would strongly indicate that i am NOT alone in the Mistake Department… :eek:)


I would like to say somthing about a thread that has been pulled by the moderators due to content. Salvation= Belif Plus Nothing Is It A Farce? The title was along those lines. In that disscussion spiraled off of another thread and a poster Alwaysgr8ful went on a tangent with posting at the end and I believe is no longe with us on CAF. I don’t know how much I had to do with it, but I do feel bad about it though I can not controle ones actions.

If you look at the umber of posts I have made, take the square of that, you will have the number of mistakes I have made on this forum. Some are worsew than others. When my mistakes make others look bad, I do admit my mistakes and apologize.

Sadly, occasionally the moderators have to remind me. :blush:

Oh, heck yes. Usually I do retract, because it is so embarrassing to see the post brought up time and time again. Even then, sometimes I take a break from CAF simply because too many of my recent posts seem rash to me. Taking a break helps me to regain perspective.

what do you think you did that may have contributed?

yeah, i actually regret several things i’ve done… or attitudes i’ve had…

when people say something i don’t like, i tend to get an attitude… Some would say i have a right to have that attitude… but… and maybe i do…but we are to love others as ourselves… and i have a hard time with that commandmnet sometimes… :frowning:

good idea…

i tihnk sometimes it’s easy to get… well, in a rut…

it’s amazing to see how … easily offended i am sometimes and things like that…

Yeah, I’m guilty of a lot of posts I wish I hadn’t written or at least written better. I’m really susceptible to people telling me I’m leveling ad hominem attacks when I’m only commenting on their post, and the words they use. I start to defend myself, and end up getting angrier and angrier until I actually do level a few barbs. I need to remember that some people hate everything I believe and I pretty much feel I cannot understand how they can morally believe what they do. When I get to that point, I know its time to take a break from CAF which I in the end describe as a soul-sucking machine. LOL…I’m about ready for one now. I need to return to the sanity of the real world, where there are an abundance of nice, thoughtful, Christians of all denominations who get along perfectly well and respect one another. When I’m clear about that, I can return here to deal with the small other side of things.

Hi distracted -

So far, so good with me. No regrets! :smiley:

I do although when I’ve had enough of CAF, I tend to stay away from it for several days.

My longest time off CAF has been 5 days. Sometimes I just can’t take it, so instead of posting something I’ll regret, I just sit back and stay away to re-group! :stuck_out_tongue:

Take care…

i’m not going to sacrifice truth to get along with pepole…

(not saying you do…)

I encourage everyone who has regrets to pray the Prayer of Daily Neglects.

You can find it here: catholicdoors.com/prayers/english/p02025.htm

Of the many mistakes I’ve made - oh, to be totally infallible in all things ! - the only one that bites just now is my confusion of the name of Odysseus’ mother Anticleia with the name of his nurse Eurycleia. And a handful of horrid blunders about the contents of the Silmarillion :love:

Inaccurate remarks about the works of Homer and Tolkien border on sacrilege. :eek:

I wonder if claiming your personal “truth” however true might think it is, is worth much when you have so alienated your listener that they can’t hear you anyway. It seems then, you have sacrificed to your “personal” need to claim truth rather than actually helping to change the mind of another to what you perceive is truth.

I don’t know if that is lack of humility, or pride or what, but I wonder if God requires us to shout down those who disagree with us as proof of our “faithfulness.” I shall ponder that in upcoming days. I do need a break from all this hostility here for sure.


But let’s not forget what Frederic said in The Pirates of Penzance: “Individually, I love you all with affection unspeakable; but, collectively, I look upon you with a disgust that amounts to absolute detestation.”

(I say that as a joke, of course. I don’t think there’s any justification for Catholics hating Protestants, or vice versa.)

I don’t regret what i’ve said but how i said it.

Sometimes when i’m defending (trying to) the church i get passionate which i fail tp control sometimes.

I’ll never regret proclaiming the truth of the catholic church (and if that offends some people then so be it) but i’m working on how to say it in a respectfull and dialogue worthy manner.

Louie1983 puts it well!

I’ve certainly written posts here I wish I had made clearer before posting. In some cases people have taken the time to ask me for more details, and in SOME of those cases I’ve manage to clarify things enough that we have a useful conversations.

In most cases I hope other people have the same reaction as me - learning from my mistakes.

There isn’t too much that I regret. If someone says that I was off base I will apologize at that time and hope they accept the apology.

I regret that I lose patience sometimes. Since I blog on the mostly Muslim topics - it is really easy to lose patience. and I agree with the previous poster about clear notes, but that is sometimes a problem with my writing style.

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