Have you seen any healing miracles ? I saw one

Have you seen any healing miracles?

I saw one in a soup kitchen.

A crippled arm was straightened in front of everyone!
Huh!! The mind thinks . what just happened??


No, I’ve never seen one. I pray for healings all the time, though.

I think my mother has been healed, though I’m not sure if these are coincidence or actual miracles like that.

Could you tell us more about this crippled arm? Thanks!

A paralyzed man healed I saw him skipping rope. He was my neighbor. He sold all he owned and became a missionary.


Wow thanks for sharing!!!

No I haven’t but I believe they exist. God just keeps them private. Jesus Christ also healed privately not just publicly.
It’s up to the people who are healed to tell or not to tell. What do we know? Maybe God talks to them also. But He told them to decide for themselves if they want to say or not. They don’t owe us anything.

One of the greatest gifts that the Catholic Church gives to the world is her investigation into miracles.

If you witnessed what looked like a miracle, the appropriate thing to do is to notify your Bishop. He will then designate people to begin the investigation (they will speak to doctors who treated the person before and then have medical professionals confirm the healing).

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Thank you for this thread, I had begun to believe that there are no more miracles in the world.

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