Have you seen any previews for the new Fall lineup of regular network shows?

I’ve seen a few, and I’m pretty disgusted. Just how raunchy can TV get?

Journeyman intrigues me.

Kind of reminds me of Quantum Leap, which is an all-time favorite of mine.

These new shows are really pushing it. Out of all the new shows coming this fall ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money” looks the worst. Put that one in the same lot as desperate housewives.

I am anxiously awaiting “House”


Has anyone heard of Pushing Daisies yet. I think it should be okay. I can’t wait for NCIS to come back though, it is all repeats right now.

Ditto! Best show ever, although why nobody’s noticed that Cuddy (House’s boss, the gorgeous Jewish lady) is infinitely hotter than Cameron (the scrawny little girl with plucked eyebrows), is beyond me.

As for everything else, all there is is Monk and Psych and Burn Notice (which all started already), Venture Brothers on Adult Swim (here’s hoping for more Dr. Orpheus and less Brock Samson), and, well, Avatar: the Last Airbender, on Nickelodeon. And other than that I shall watch nothing but anime.

Pushing Daisies, about a guy who can bring the dead back to life for one minute, to help solve crimes. Ooooh kay.

Sounds interesting.

God bless,

Unfortunately, the Scifi Channel, once the home of such greats as Farscape and The Invisible Man, is offering us nothing better than Battlestar Galactica (AKA, The West Wing in space) and Eureka (which doesn’t have what you’d call “characters,” per se).

Pushing Daisies seemed a lame retread of the necromantic dramedy, a la Dead Like Me, Medium, and Ghost Whisperer (the last is the only good one). And if Journeyman is anything like Quantum Leap, I just hope it won’t be as trite.

I was looking at a marriage ‘quiz’ the other day and it asked if you could name your spouse’s favorite TV show. My husband likes Lost and Heroes.

There’s no way he could name my favorite show because I don’t have one! I hardly watch any TV. —KCT

I only watch two shows regularly: “The Unit” and “American Idol.” Also lots of football.

I think “The Unit” will end after this season. Just not enough material. Great show. I hope I’m wrong and it stays on the air, but I’m doubtful.

I am considering adding a new show to my schedule. I am considering “K-Ville,” “New Amsterdam,” and “Moonlight.” I will watch each show a couple of times and determine which one is worth watching faithfully.

I think “Pushing Up Daisies” sounds like “Arrested Development”–a brilliant show that no one will understand or watch. It will go off the air after a season or two, but it will win lots of Emmies and everyone will be upset that the American TV viewing audience “doesn’t get it.” I loved “Arrested Development” and will mourn its loss forever.

Why does anyone watch “House?” I work in a hospital lab with real infectious disease doctors, and we all hate “House.”

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