Have you seen the 3 d figure of the shroud of turin

I have seen the 3 D figure of the Shroud of Turin. My twelve year old has seen it and asked me if this really was .Jesus When I first saw the Shroud, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the Burial cloth of our Savior. So, this figure being taken from that cloth, my heart says yes. Do you believe that this figure is Jesus, or is it a matter of faith? God bless you

I was curious about what you meant, so I did a web search and found this: https://aleteia.org/2018/03/28/this-3d-carbon-copy-of-jesus-was-created-using-the-shroud-of-turin/

I thought I’d share in case anyone else was wondering.

For myself, I don’t know enough. I haven’t taken a particular interest in the shroud itself, either, to br honest, though I mean no disrespect for those who do. I can’t really comment on the merit of this model, or how it’s been accepted by the Christian and scientific communities (even just in regards to how accurate it fits the shroud we have).


Thanks for posting this subject. Yes, the Shroud is real and its image is miraculous.
Prof Fanti has debunked the atheists’ interpretation of the Shroud’s 1988 C-14 evidence. See his 2015 book:


C-14 data does not always indicate a date. If the date is already known (as it was in this case) that data can be proof of an event. In the case of the Shroud of Turin, the event was the vanishing of Jesus’ corpse into another dimension.

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Wesrock, thank you for your honesty. When news about the Shroud first started to come out I too did not take much interest because it was just dribs and drabs of info. As they stayed on top of it and the authenticity of proof is when I looked at it and my heart knew that it was the cloth that wrapped the Body of Jesus. I.e. That web site is where I found the 3 D figure. God bless

You have gone through this in many threads so you can resurrect them if you want but there is ZERO evidence to support your claim and this has been debated to death.
If you choose to believe the Shroud is genuine that is your right but you certainly must NOT state as a fact that it is genuine. It is not a fact and by the way the Church has NOT declared it to be genuine and Catholics are NOT obliged to believe it it genuine.
Your opinions are exactly that - OPINIONS!!


Having visited the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin where the shroud is kept, and having read the evidence for and against, I personally do believe this relic is authentic. But I’m not here to convince anyone. Let each one decide on his own.


I’ve seen it, but do not know if it is real.

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Sir, simply because the Catholic Church has not formally declared that the Shroud is authentic does not automatically mean that such has not been proven. Remember that it took the Church many many years to come to the understanding that our solar system is heliocentric. With all due respect to the Church, it sometimes is behind the curve when it comes to science, and it is science that has proven that the Shroud is authentic and that its image of Jesus was formed by a miraculous event.

You say that there is “zero evidence” when in fact there is a mountain of scientific evidence that the Shroud is authentic. That mountain started in 1898 with Pia’s astounding photograph and continues to be added to this day. Sir, perhaps your skepticism would be better served if you were to contest the points that Prof Fanti raised in his 2015 book, but then you haven’t bothered to read it, have you?


It is “behind the curve”, as you say, because generally nothing in total has proven anything either way. You may disagree, but it’s easy to convince yourself of just about anything if you really want to. As for this 3D figure, this to me is one of the more creative ones I’ve seen. Why would his legs be raised up like that? …especially considering the bible indicates his legs were broken.

I do not recall that in scripture.

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Scripture says the soldiers went to break the legs of the men crucified on either side, but when they got to Jesus, they found him already dead, so did not break his legs.


I totally followed the threads on this subject you have been involved in and basically nobody agreed with your claims and I am certainly not engaging in another fruitless thread on this. It would be better if the OP just joined one of your other threads.

I repeat that you are entitled to believe the Shroud is genuine. Nobody is stopping you from that view but please do not tell other people, especially those who know little about the Shroud that it is a fact the Shroud is genuine.


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The church is leaving it to be a matter of faith. The scientific evidence is blending together. Mostly the time is off. But there are variables where there can be flaws. It was in a fire & patched. When they took the sample for time dating, they may have gotten some threads of the patch. It’s dated to around 1500, if I recall correctly. Then, another researched how repairs are done in that time of the fire. Some weaving of the threads is done. Plus, there is the patching. Even some threads near the burned areas could be younger threads captured w the specimen. PROBABLY! But, we can’t get to it to get another sample.in fact watch the History channel(?) for documentaries. You tube may have some there. There’s an Atheist out there who doubts every Spiritual thing on many topics. Naysayers are alive & well.

To me it’s real!
God bless


Yes @anna I have seen it .

My opinion is 99% in favour of the Shroud being the burial cloth of Jesus .

It is not a matter of faith . It is simply my opinion from the extensive reading I have done about the Shroud . If someone proved today that without doubt the Shroud is a fake , I would be disappointed , but it would not effect my faith .



@Wesrock this was very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

it is not a fruitless thread and I do not understand why you are so upset, If you want why not just skip over this thread. There is alot of scientific evidence, and clergy pointing to the authenticity of the Shroud. I believe this is the Burial cloth of our Savior…God bless

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I have read that the anatomical dimensions for the head of the Shroud are not accurate. If we compare the Shroud head to an actual person, it does look different. On the Shroud head, there appears to be not enough room above the eyes. On an actual person, the eyes are lower on the head. I have read that the way the Shroud head is shaped, there would not be enough room for a normal human brain. Some people postulate that the Shroud was made using a gothic-style sculpture, rather than an actual person. Also, the arms are considered too long. Try to lay your arms parallel to the ground, and then position your arms like the Shroud’s arms. Do they go that far? Judge for yourself…


I understand if you don’t have or can’t find the sources to which you are referring. I would be interested in reading them if you do have them, though.


Not sure if you were talking to me?

" This note is intended to describe why, from an artistic and anatomical perspective, the shroud image is an embarrassingly obvious fraud committed by a Gothic artist following the standard conventions of his time. The artistic errors are so severe that it is impossible for the shroud to record the image of an actual human body—unless it was a very seriously pathological person with a brain the size of a Homo erectus."

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