Have you seen this? Beautiful pictures in Madrid


Have you seen this beautiful publicity campaign for children with down syndrome? It is wonderful! Please take a look and share. :smiley:



Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I just sent the link to a friend of mine who just had her second child - a child who has Downs. They didn't do any pre-natal testing, but couldn't be happier with their new, extra special addition to their family. :heart:


Thank you for sharing this wonderful link. I sent it to friends in Civitan who work with children with Down Syndrome by hosting parties and special events for them during the year. They will share it with others. Working with these children and young people is a labor of love!


Wonderful. Hope the U.S. will do something similar. Sadly, think how many more beautiful photos we would have if most of these wonderful children weren't aborted.


What lovely pictures! I do agree that it would be great if this were done in the US as well. However, I can not help but feel that this is only the start, if we truly want DS babies to not be aborted. It used to be that DS babies would not live to adulthood. Now many (most?) of them do, or will (if they are young now). Will we still care about them and their families once they are past the adorable baby/toddler stage? How do these families cope with adults who may be able to work, but still need help with daily life? In my state, the programs for disabled adults - which already had a years long waiting list - are being slashed. Our interest in these children has to go beyond just getting them born, yet so often that is all we seem to care about.


I just read an article in Sunday’s paper that said a new blood test for Down Syndrome is on the near horizon…It will pick up the baby’s DNA in the mother’s bloodstream…And we know it will also lead to many more abortions of DS babies…possibly the elimination of these precious people by eugenics. :eek: I felt sick while reading the article. The one hopeful note was that a mom highlighted in the article kept her DS baby even though she knew he would have Down…But so many won’t.



the pictures are really beautiful because our children and adult children with Down syndrome are beautiful! i've always thought people with Down syndrome have particularly sweet and pretty features-- and that they were especially kind and gentle too. but i was lucky--my childhood friend had Down syndrome and i loved her.

what a joy and wonder to see that special prettiness in my own newborn baby girl!!!

my only complaint-- and it's a complaint to raise awareness, not to insinuate lack of compassion-- is this: Person-First Language made a weak showing in the article. our kids are not 'Downs kids', rather they're 'children (or kids) with Down syndrome.' it does make a difference what we say. they are kids first and like their typical peers in so many ways more than unlike them.

even more so, i describe my girll as "my daughter Naomi who has special needs associated with Down syndrome." it's not so much of a mouthful when i see the positive effects it has on people's perspectives.

some moms describe their kids with Down syndrome (aka trisomy 21) as kids with 'designer genes." i'm not so comfortable with that either. but that's simply a preference, not a policy.

but man, those faces. those beautiful lovable wonderful faces!!!


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