Have you seen this guy? Youtube man hates on christianity

He is a madman. What drives people to do this?


I just remember that I’ve been called worse things by better people.

Self pride on full display.

It's amazing how much control religious faith still has on his life. I may not believe in unicorns, but I don't spend hours creating videos refuting them. I don't think up carefully crafted and clever insults with which to bombard the unicorn crowd. I don't call them nasty names and accuse them of being the cause of suffering on earth. I just ignore them.

Chesterton said it beautifully:

"It is well with the boy when he lives on his father’s land; and well with him again when he is far enough from it to look back on it and see it as a whole. But these people have got into an intermediate state, have fallen into an intervening valley from which they can see neither the heights beyond them nor the heights behind. They cannot get out of the penumbra of Christian controversy. They cannot be Christians and they can not leave off being Anti-Christians. Their whole atmosphere is the atmosphere of a reaction: sulks, perversity, petty criticism. They still live in the shadow of the faith and have lost the light of the faith."

The Everlasting Man
(Part I: On the Creature Called Man)

by Gilbert K. Chesterton (1925)

This isn’t anything new.

Type in Catholic Church or Jesuit into the youtube search bar or even “whore of Babylon” and you’ll see far worse calumny against our faith. Church haters are abundant on youtube.

He seems to be under the incorrect notion that faith and reason cannot work together. If he really knew anything about reason, he would be able to easily conclude that God does exist and always has. He (like many other anti-religious atheists on youtube) also seems be under the ridiculous notion that being an atheist automatically makes him smarter than everyone who believes. How preposterous.

It’s important to become educated on militant atheism and to understand that this mindset has killed billions of people worldwide where their “religion” was/is enforced.

IT'S THOSE DARN TROLLS!! Youtube trolls, no matter what you post, no matter what religion you are, someone will post a comment or video to be mean. We need to pray for internet trolls so they can get a life and come closer to God, that way they can be more nice :)

I love how this guy implies the existence of objective morality with his ZOMP RUHLIJUBNN IS EBILLL rant and then at the same time implies the non-existence by his atheistic worldview. I wonder if the cognitive dissonance ever drives these people nuts.

It's a little depressing how a man who appears to be quite old can act so immature. We should pray for the anti-religious folks.

^^ this… I’ve always found it curious myself. :shrug:

Some of them are just being attention-seekers, but other than that I can’t see any other reason anyone would be willing to fritter away their precious hours obsessing over something that they openly declare to be meaningless.

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