Have you seen this show?

Yesterday,I accidentally watched a PBS show titled Focus,wherein the Host( Priest) interviewed an 80y/o Italian,who returned to the Catholic Church,after the Virgin Mary appeared to him and his children.He stated that he was very anti Catholic and that he wanted to kill the Pope, then.He also forced his wife to convert to Protestantism and discarded all religious images, including crucifix.I only saw part of the show and have to leave.I am now googling to see,if I can buy a copy of that very interesting show.Anybody here knew,what I am referring to???

Why not get in touch with PBS directly, they may be better able to provide you a tape (or possibly a transcript) of the show.

Yes, I’ve seen it (I think it was on EWTN, too). I think it had something to do with a visionary and events surrounding WWII and after it. I can’t quite remember what it was about.

The Journey Home?

No, it wasn’t The Journey Home. It was more like a biography.

I remember in the show, I think it was the older guy who couldn’t see Mary, but his daughters could. (?)

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