Have you talked to a vocation director?


So, I may be making a phone call to one or two VD’s in the near future. I’ve talked to other VD’s in person and email/letters, but not much over the phone, other than discussing when the retreat or such will be and what to bring.

Given the need to discuss my mental or other health problems, what else may they want to discuss? I’m a little nervous on the phone and especially to VD’s!!

An approach my counsellor and I do before something stressful comes is to prepare for it, by preparing what could happen, what could be discussed, etc.

Anyone with past experience…your input would be most appreciated. I’m very rusty when it comes to chatting with a VD.

I haven’t spoken to a vocations director for myself in years (unless you count my husband :D). I speak to the diocesean vocations director regularly though.

You do need to bring up your health issues, but not at the very beginning of the call. Try writing out a few sentences about your callign in general - how long you have been discerning, what aspects of consecrated life appeal to you, what interests you about this order/congregation specifically. That will give you something to open with. If you haven’t sent in any paperwork/profile before the call, the VD will also be interested in general background - education, work experience, family background. If you are a convert or revert you should mention that as part of your discernment expereince.

The director will likely talk a bit about the order, you should ask any questiosn you have about the entrance process, daily life, their expectations. It is only at this part of the conversation - after you have both “introduced” yourselves and talked through basic questions, that the question of your mental or physical health will come up. Be truthful, but you don’t have to go into an entire clinical history at this point.

Hope that helps. I’ll be praying for you.

Very helpful!! Thank you! :slight_smile:

My vocation director heard lots of fifth steps (for AA) and so I had to write a biography of my life journey, and discuss it with him, before entrance into the Franciscans (so it was like doing the fourth and fifth steps). :blush: But it was a good experience:blush:

I have been considering a vocation to religious life for over 3 years now…I am only 18 but it has been a very persistent call…I have talked to the vocation director of the order that I wish to enter later. But she doesnt know me that well and we have only talked a few times. I feel like I need a spiritual director but I dont even know where you start with that. I think it would be helpful because sometimes I get so overwhelmed at the thought that God could be calling me and I need someone to keep me on track! Any advice on how to find a spiritual director?

A spiritual director will be very helpful to you. My first was assigned by the order I was a postulant with, but obviously I did not continue with her when I left. Over the years since, I have received direction from my pastor and from lay directors.

I suggest you start with your parish priest. Ask him who he would recommend, or if he can give you other suggestions.

The next place to try is your diocese vocations director. The diocese may also have special programs for women’s discernment. Ours has one for high school aged girls and one for women that includes retreats, “nun runs”, dinners, etc.

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