Have you watched National Treasure...?

I’ve seen it a few times, and have it on DVD. Originally I had no problem with it aside from the fact that it misrepresented the place where Charles Carroll of Carrollton died, however now I fear that it is glorifying free masonry - which I know has been condemned by the Church (something I still don’t entirely understand). What do you think?


Btw - my sister & mother are watching it Now.

I saw it; thought it was better (slightly) than I was expecting.

If it glorified Masonry, none of that stuck with me. It was just a movie with an interesting mystery woven through history (which made it more interesting).

Of course I watched it! It featured the National Archives which is where I work. :smiley:

Great movie. Loved it. Can’t wait for the sequel.


Hi. I rented it and in the first scene their was a mention of masonry and my husband and I COULD NOT in good conscience watch it. I understand that it is just a movie, but after knowing how much masonry tries to undermine our Faith, we didn’t feel comfortable continuing to watch it…needless to say, I won’t be watch the sequel!

God Bless.

You work at the National Archives, StratusRose?? That’s great!

I loved National Treasure. I didn’t really see it as glorifying masonry. That sort of history/adventure movie is right up my alley, so I got a kick out of it.

Yep! It’s a very interesting job!

I didn’t see the masonry thing as a big deal either, it was just a way to build up the story.

I saw it twice, and was not at all bothered by the Masonry references. If it were preaching a Masonry belief system that might be a different thing, but just because something mentions them isn’t going to be bothersome to me.

Make sure you never rent “The man Who Would be King” with Sean Connery & Michael Caine, then.

Good movie and i dont think it glorified masonry at all

So did you hide under your desk and wait until after hours to see if there was indeed a map on the back of the Declaratin of Independence???

I don’t think it glorifies Masonry. I think for the movie they needed an old secret societry. It didn’t preach about their beliefs or anything, it just showed them as protecting a treasure.
I know someone who is a mason actually. He’s a very nice person. He doesn’t go around trying to bash my religion or anything. He congradulated me when I became catholic actually.

One of my best friends is a Mason. He has great respect for my religion as I do for his. He is Jewish

I think it’s really silly for people to say ‘I’m not going to watch a movie because it has freemasons in it’. It’s like not going to a movie because it has Muslims in it.
There are pleanty of movies that catholics watch that have Protostants in it, and last time I checked Protostants did a lot more Catholic bashing than masons.

I’ve never understood Masonry. I’ve studied it and found it more silly than anything. I mean secret handshakes and secret histories, and you can’t understand it unless you know the secret word. Come on!!

A friend of mine is in the Eastern Star and takes it VERY seriously. She once asked me if I’d be interested in joining and I told her thanks but no thanks. I have a deep aversion to secret societies, I’m not a joiner and I’m a Catholic. We are still friends.

I think it’s the same impulse as little boys’ secret clubs with handshakes and passwords and all that, and when threy grow up they miss it. Thus, modern Freemasonry.

I think it’s the same impulse as little boys’ secret clubs with handshakes and passwords and all that, and when threy grow up they miss it. Thus, modern Freemasonry.

I heartily agree! The Freemasons even get to keep out girls from their secret club and, oddly enough, the Usually Perpetually Offended Ones don’t complain at all.

Of course many might make the same type of comment about Opus Dei.

Regardless, I thought the movie was well-written to a point where you didn’t totally have to suspend belief in a foundational premise.

I loved the movie, and have watched it a few times. I thought it was exciting and somewhat realistic. However, those dismissing the Masonic influence on the movie are kidding themselves. I’ve never been one to avoid reading or watching something because of its attack on my religion (I trust myself not to be persuaded by unopposed, straw-man attacks), but would caution against laughing off the comments. Did the movie teach Masonic doctrines? Who knows? (Only Masons know the doctrines! :rolleyes: ) But it certainly did glorify Masonry and subtly suggested that to be a Patriotic American was to be a Freemason. Although our country’s history is intertwined with Freemasonry, I thought the movie went overboard in that respect.

Again, I loved the movie, and will definitely see the sequel. I haven’t bought the DVD yet, but may do so in the future. I thought it was fantastic. But don’t kid yourselves that the movie wasn’t promoting Freemasonry.

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