Haven't made it in to Mass in a long time

I started a new job in July, and moved to a different city, one that doesn’t have Mass in English. I travelled an hour and ten minutes to Mass for my first three weeks, and I haven’t been since. :frowning:

I know I should go. I enjoy going to Mass. There’s a nice community of people my age who go out for coffee after Mass. However,





I work full-time six days a week until midnight. I do my Master’s degree online in the mornings, too. Assignments are usually due Sundays and Mondays, so weekends aren’t very restful either. The only English Mass I know is at 9am, and I have to leave at 7:30 to get there on Sunday morning. I get home from work on Saturday, and it takes me a couple of hours to fall asleep. Then to drag myself out of bed on Sunday seems to take more than I have.

Then, to make it even harder, the parish I attend doesn’t offer RCIA in English, because they only have one English Mass per week. Father suggested I go to a different parish, but I just haven’t had the energy to look for one. The only other one I found was a little farther away, and had Mass just as early in the morning. I haven’t been able to bring myself to go to the new parish and find out about RCIA. I’m just overwhelmed at the thought of it.

I don’t know what to do. I know I want to go to Church. If I were truly dedicated, I could probably make it in to Mass on Sunday if I tried. I’m just so exhausted that I can’t imagine doing it. I don’t even know what I’m hoping to get from you - I guess some prayers and maybe a pep talk?

If you can’t make it to an English mass, you should go to mass in different language. When I came to the U.S, I had to attend English mass which I did not understand anything. However, one thing that I knew for sure that I could receive were the Holy Eucharist and God’s graces.

If you are not a Catholic yet, you can still attend non-English mass, God will surely grant you graces and increase in your heart the desire to love Him more.

Sending you a PM!

I throw everything I have into my job all week. On the weekends, I’m wiped out. Sometimes I don’t even leave the house, from Friday night until Monday morning. But…as Catholics, we have to find a way to attend Mass. Without it, our faith is imperiled.

Here’s my suggestion. Go to the nearest Catholic church and carry with you, your English Magnificat magazine.
magnificat.net/english/index.asp It will give you all the readings plus lives of the saints, prayers and commentaries of the day…

you can easily follow the mass and then be faithfully able to receive the blessings and graces that only the Holy Eucharist can deliver. Try it and I guarantee you’ll like. I go everywhere with my Magnificat. Nothing should be placed before the worship of God. And once you put Him first in your life, you will see the graces almost immediately. God bless you and protect you while you work in Korea.

The Passionists are very active in ministry out there. One of the missionaries, from our parish has been actively ministering in Korea for over 30 years. His name is Fr. Justin Bartoszek.

Just Wondering,

Hopefully this is just a temporary situation for you…

I agree with the suggestion - go to a Korean language Mass and use a Missal or Magnificat. I would also recommend acquiring a “Shorter Christian Prayer” book for you to pray one of the hours of prayer every day - or at least on Sunday, in the event that legitimate circumstances keep you from getting to a Catholic Mass.

As a Ukrainian Catholic deacon who also has responsibilities for two Missions and a Station Chapel with two liturgies a Sunday - each 77 miles apart and a monthly liturgy 2 hours away, I understand how hard it can be to balance all of our obligations. I also work FT, am raising three kids, completing my second Master’s degree and am an instructor for a deacon training institute. there are lots of things going on for many of us, but unless Christ is the focus of our time and energy, what will we gain? If he is not, we will surely lose even the good things that we have since in Him is the fullness of life!

You need to stop thinking about your circumstances in terms of “obligations” and rather see them as “privileges”. In our Church, many people travelled hours every Sunday under intense persecution for the privilege of attending a Ukrainian Catholic liturgy in someone’s home in order to celebrate and receive the Sacred Mysteries. The threat of punishment, including jail and death, hung overhead and around every corner, yet they came, and many of them were elderly. What drove such devotion? Love of Christ and the privilege of receiving Him every week in Holy Communion.

God bless you as you discern God’s will in your circumstances.

Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Deacon Daniel

PS: If you know several other Catholic native English speakers, perhaps you could start a mission where you live? Maybe even get a priest to come once a month to celebrate the Mass in English? Don’t be afraid to look outside the proverbial box…

PPS: One final point - speak to a priest (your English speaking pastor) and get his guidance. He can dispense you from your canonical obligation to attend Mass. But relate to him your situation and trust in his fatherly spiritual guidance. Much better or more personal than the internet!

Go to the Korean language mass if you’re too pooped to get to the English mass. Think about the pre-Vatican II days, do you think those folks spoke enough Latin to understand every word that was spoken? My mom can’t speak a word of Latin, and she was raised with the Latin Mass! You know how the mass is arranged, so I’m sure you’ll know what part you’re in, and in time will know some of the responses in Korean. Just say the English responses in your head for now. Give it a chance! And when you’re not too tired, you can get up earlier and go to the English mass that’s so far away.

I’ve been to Spanish masses before and can keep up OK. I’ll bet you speak more Korean than I do Spanish! :o

Heck. If you’re in Korea, go to the Korean language Mass. We all used to go to Latin Masses, after all. Other suggestions above have been wise. Godspeed.

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