Having a dark, crude, or morbid sense of humor

Is is sinful to find oneself tickled by vulgar jokes or gallows humor? If so, it’s a big problem for me. Like the other night, when I heard the joke: “Q. where do suicide bombers go when they die? A. Everywhere.”

I think sometimes it is obvious what is and what isn’t cynical, mean-spirited humor, and what merely tries to lighten an otherwise bleak situation. And often you can’t help but laugh at things out of mere shock. I think it takes discernment.

Okay, I laughed.

Hope that doesn’t make me a bad person.

Jokes either make fun of people, conventions, situations or other day to day things. Making jokes at other people’s expense is wrong. Finding humor in dark situations isn’t, is it?

I laughed, too. I agree with both of you regarding discernment and truly mean-spirited humor. I draw the line at ethnic, racial, or religious jokes of any kind that are demeaning and feed into stereotypes of any particular group. :frowning:

Even saints (Lawrence, Thomas More) made jokes about their impending deaths. If this were wrong, they wouldn’t have been named saints.

While “picking on” someone is an offense against charity, gallows humor is a natural human defense against the intolerable. IMNAAHO


The very next day after the Challenger catastrophe happened, there came the joke: “What does NASA stand for?”. Answer: “Need Another Seven Astronauts”. Very cruel, but it helps you to cope with something horrible.

Then there was the cartoonist John Callahan. When you see someone looking at a cartoon and laugh hysterically, and then say: “this is not funny”, then you know he looked at a cartoon created by John Callahan. Being a quadriplegic, he could get away with the most outrageous and incredibly funny cartoons.

When it comes to humor, there can be nothing “sacred”. The most important thing is that we all should be able and be ready to laugh at ourselves. The more politically incorrect a joke is, the more welcome it should be.

I’m a former airborne Infantryman and a former Cop so these things are funny to me. Honestly it became a coping mechanism.

A lot of traditional Catholics I know wind up with a morbid sense of humor.

That describes pretty much every health care worker. Dealing with death, body parts and private functions every day will pretty much warp you a little bit.

Try cleaning up the fourth bowel accident in your shift without it affecting your sense of humor!

However, I draw the line at mean-spirited humor.

I know paramedics with that same type of gallows humor.

Yeah…I think medics and nurses are the worst.

I was a medic and my mom was a nurse…put the two of us together and I think we could clear a room with some of our horror stories and jokes.

My husband hates it…he thinks it’s too gross. :shrug: Oh, well.

I agree with one of the above posters…it tends to be a good coping mechanism.

I knew nurses who worked in state psychiatric hospitals ( think: not high enough functioning to even be homeless on the street) and they would say that a good shift was one where nobody masturbated in front of you.

I laughed, out loud. Personally, I think this joke is not mean-spirited, it is sort of describing an event that happens, which you have no control over it, and turning it into something that makes people laugh. Now, there is a difference between this and being mean-spirited. You are not demeaning a certain race or type of person, you are not mocking God, and so forth, so while yes it is morbid, it doesn’t hurt any one person’s feelings. Sure, suicide is not something to laugh at when it happens, but you are not encouraging it or pointing out any one person in particular.

I think all of these things make this joke acceptable. I’m sure each joke falls somewhere along the spectrum and somewhere on that line is a “line” that beyond would be unacceptable.

Just my opinion.

In the human-health context, I’d imagine that making fun of someone under anesthesia, as in the recent Virginia law case, would fall over the line.

However, jokes that simply relate to death or human-body functions would most likely be ok.


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