Having a hard time understanding God's Will


My family has come upon hard times, like most other families in the country. We aren't on the verge of homelessness or anything, but we squeak by monthly, sometimes putting of certain bills until we HAVE to pay them. We only have one car and 3 little ones. Now, I know that God has foresight that I can't begin ot understand, and with my last child, we were planning on postponing pregnancy until our finances improved. (Our second child cost more $ than our first and we were still making payments) Anyways, after we found out about #3 my HUbby got work that we were not expecting and things improved for us. For a time. Now, we are in the same situation except with baby #4 we will HAVE to get another car because it is not physically possible to fit another person in our current vehicle. 2 Months ago I got pregnant, but right after I found out I miscarried. I was sad, but chalked it up to God's will. I thought that my HUbby and I needed to be more careful and thourough with our NFP and God had decided that now was not the time. So We buckled down and tried to really pay attention and abstain more, we even have that new ovacue thing. Low and behold I am late. Only by a few days, and the Christmas season is stressful, but my temps are elevated. I want to have faith and I want to be happy about another child because it sadenned me that we had to let $ determine when we had kids, but I do not feel that way. I feel insecure, scared and worried. Does anyone know any prayers to help with these feelings? Sorry so long winded-I just really needed to get it all out, my family doesn't know yet and I would rather they not for a time....


**Money comes & goes, but children are truly a Blessing from God for all eternity!

As a father of 3, now all adults from 29 to 23, i am so thankful for each one of them, but i truly regret not having more children!

May God’s will, not ours, be done!

Jesus taught us;

"And going a little farther he fell on his face and prayed, “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.” (MT 26:39)**

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!



As odd as this may sound, you need to thank God for your tough times. It is a blessing. We have to have a Good Friday before we can expect an Easter Sunday. It is through suffering that we become wise, and pleasing to God. Without suffering, we do not resemble His Son, Jesus.

An abbot told me a story once that I thought was interesting and telling. He said that a young man had just finished medical school and was studying for his medical board exams to get his license to practice medicine. Somewhat anxious about passing, because this affected his whole future, he began looking for ways to increase his odds, so to speak. He heard about a miraculous crucifix in Italy that, if you prayed fervently before this cross, your prayers may be heard and answered positively. So, he flew to Italy, sought out the cross, and knelt before it. He prayed fervently, "Lord, if it be Your will, please let me pass these board exams and become a doctor and help people." He looked up at the cross, and suddenly, the head nodded. Encouraged, he continued, "And also, Lord, if it be Your will, let me meet and marry a very beautiful and virtuous woman who will make me happy all our lives, and with whom I could have two or three children who would be virtuous, intelligent, and successful." He looked up, and again, the head on the corpus nodded assent. Encouraged, he continued, "And, also, Lord, if it be Your will, I would like to rise to the top in my profession, respected by all, and become very financially well off." He looked up, the head again nodded. Finally, he thought for a while about what else he might want and threw out a final prayer, "Finally, Lord, if it be your will, I would like to die peacefully at the age of 80, in my sleep." He looked up. Nothing. So, he repeated his prayer. Looking up, again he saw nothing. Then, a deep, sad voice spoke out, "My son. There is but one heaven. You can either have heaven here on earth, or in eternity, but not both. Chose one."

St. Theresa said that the most horrendous life on earth, will, from the perspective of heaven, seem like no more than one night in an inconvenient hotel. :)

Do not run from your cross. Embrace it. And thank the Lord for it! It is by the cross that we are saved. And by embracing our cross, we are embracing Christ! :)


A few years ago, I was right where you are now. I understand it feels hopeless, I remember, and here are a few things that helped me out.
Can you trade in your vehicle for the one with more seats? We exchanged our sedan for a station wagon and it's worked out well so far. Vans are also a pretty good deal.
Can you cut deals with people? Medical bills you can try and negotiate down. Things like internet, phone, TV can all be flexible. Call, say how long you've been a customer, and ask for their new-customer rates or you'll go somewhere else. 9 out of 10 times they'll give it, and it couldn't hurt to ask anyway.
Find something for you: a project, an activity, something that makes you happy, and do it. If it saves your sanity, it's worth rearranging the schedule to allow for it.
Decide what things you need done everyday to be happy, and what things can slide. This is going to vary for different people, don't get tied to the idea of having the floors swept everyday unless it's something you really want done.
Make a list of throw-together recipes for when you feel overwhelmed, and buy the ingredients at the store. Dinners that require no thought at all. Spending $8 on a frozen lasagna dinner is better than $20 for pizza delivery.
Lastly, if you need to break down and sob one day, it's OK.:hug1: Go ahead, I know I always felt better afterwards.


Thank you for your advice...we can't really trade our car in cuz my husband needs his truck for work...he needs the truck bed space for his job. I guess all I can do is pray. My husband and I talked about it and he is handling it very well and is being very supportive . He said we will find a way to make it all work.


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