Having a Journal


Is it ok to keep a Personal Journal? Is it ok for it to be secret? I thought about getting a bloq spot putting it as privite (where only I can read posts) is this a good idea or bad idea?


We’d all be the poorer if Saint Faustina didn’t keep one :slight_smile:


what about a privite online Journal (bloq). (you can set it up to where only you can read your bloq)


Sure why not? I type a lot faster than I write. It is far easier for me to get my thoughts down on a keyboard, and a heck of a lot easier to read later. Write away! :slight_smile:

Some people write their prayers, then later go back and reread them and use it to see their spiritual journey.

Sometimes devotional ideas will come to you and if you don’t write them down you may forget them or not follow through and something that may be a prompting of the Spirit.

Go for it.


Why wouldn’t it be okay??

I keep one. So does a friend of mine. We find them useful for letting off steam in ways which don’t offend anyone. They can be helpful in preserving mental health at times.

Also, keeping a devotional journal is good because then you can go back to those insights instead of forgetting them!

So go for it. :slight_smile:


once on-line, always on-line. Be VERY CAREFUL what you commit to writing, and especially to the internet. I would never write anything on the internet that I wouldn’t feel comfortable publishing for public viewing–because you have to assume that is what will happen.


You could always just type it into a Word document and save it that way…you would still be typing, but it wouldn’t be published on th einternet.


I hink I am going to get a blogspot. For one thing I can set it to where noone can see it except for me when I am signed in. I know theres a slim chance of someone still seeing it. But if I had a old notebook Journal there would be a slim chance of me loosing it and someone seeing it.


I agree with putting it on your hard drive, a word perfect doc or word. Especially if you don’t want anyone to read it.


I can’t think of why it wouldn’t be OK. What’s the down side?

Although I do find it oh so embarrassing to read the junk I used to write as a teenager and college student. Soooooo dramatic. I keep wanting to throw them out, but maybe someday I’ll be glad I kept them? Don’t know.


If you want a journal to be truly private, keep it on paper and in a safe place.

Figure anything on the internet is like a post card, whether you think it’s private or not.


Why blog your diary? If you want to type it, do so on a word program or a typewriter (noisy but they hardly ever freeze or delete something you want to keep.) Actually, typewritr are great because they produce just one copy – the original. No one can find it if you hide that copy.


I keep a journal in a spiral notebook (I’m 200+ pages into my third) rather than in my 'puter, because I enjoy the pleasure of putting words on paper with a good pen. For one thing, it served me well during my conversion process. It also enables me to “discuss” things that I really can’t talk about to other people.

I am going to have to make sure those notebooks get shredded before I die. On the other hand, I’ll be gone; won’t be around to get embarrassed :stuck_out_tongue:



I keep a prayer journal of sorts . . . insights and resolutions from daily prayer. Yes, it’s private!!


I know I am hopelessly backward when it comes to full use of the internet and blogdom, but how does on-line posting of any kind translate to privacy?

why not just, if you are unable to write the old fashioned way with a pen and notebook (or quill and parchment like us old folks), just start a password protected file on your WP program and keystroke to your heart’s content without worry of viruses and other bugs getting into your thoughts?

I thought the entire point of a blog is to make clear to the world at large that you, your thoughts, feelings and opinions are of global importance and worthy of transmittal through the miracle of technology, so why keep a good thing quiet?


If the owners of the blog site do what they say and keep it private, it should actually be safer than a paper notebook in the house unless perhaps when one lives alone. Those servers are secure to an extent and if they get hacked, the chance that it will come to person X’s (out of a milion) blog being hacked and published around the world (as if it’s ever going to get that kind of wide circulation) is slim.

When it comes to external sources of danger, a blog on a secure server (software designed to fend off hackers, possibly also monitored by professionals) is safer than a home computer’s hard drive, when it comes to someone trying to hack it.

As for a paper notebook, well, the chance that kids or relatives or whoever will get to read it are higher than the chance of a private online blog coming out - unless you have an obvious password or your computer remembers it somewhere.

This said, it’s all as good as the reliability of the private blog provider. I’d probably take the sure low risk of saving it on my hard drive rather than posting it in some private online place for extra security and anonymity for additional safety burdened with an unspecified risk of something one day working wrong.

Password-protect the files. It’s nothing to prevent someone who has a bit of time on his hands, but it will prevent accidental peeking.


I still don’t understand why a private journal would be on a blog, which by definition is a public place in which to publish. why not, it you don’t like writing with pen and paper, just start a WP file on your password-protected computer?


I agree if you want it to be private, and you use your own personally owned computer, just do a WP document and password protect it. If your computer use is provided by your employer, I would not do a blog or WP document.
We have a local elected official that thought her blog was private. Suprise Suprise everyone in our little town that reads the paper (and cares) knows what she wrote in her private blog :confused:


Exactly. It seems to be the only time that I write in mine. :slight_smile: If anyone reads it, I will seem to be an angry person. :slight_smile: It helps me clear my head and come to some sense of a situation. Bring me back to reality if I’m really steamed.

I have several journals. I reread them sometimes and they make me laugh. :slight_smile:


Whooooooa - wait a minute!!! I voted yes until I read that you mean an ON LINE journal!!! :eek: Online journals are a very very bad idea. I can’t believe anyone would journal personal stuff on the internet - that is just beyond any sense of reason to me.

A hand written journal is fine - but never ever online. That’s just asking for trouble.


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