Having a little pride (but not enough to be sinful of course)


Is it just me, or does it bother anyone else to see that other denominations sometimes outdo some things.
I am only talking in regards to ceremonial type stuff and all that.
It is kinda frustrating to see how there is that Mormon Tabernacle Choir who outsings most Catholics I know and even sings traditional songs. Then sometimes I see other faiths being more reverant than I see inside our own churches even in the presence of Jesus in Holy Communion.


Not bothersome to me, just a reminder of how badly we need to catechize Catholics so they know we have the Real Presence, Jesus present to us here on Earth and in Heaven. If more Catholics knew about the treasures of the Church we would be more reverential. My :twocents:


I will put my 2 cents in with these Ca. posts. Communities vary from parish to parish. Some Music Ministers have the community singing very well. Others can’t get folks to sing at all. The parishes that have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament seem to have a more dedicated community.

Don’t look for a sign. Be a sign!


I wonder if the apologies have been overdone.

Then there is the immediate effort to crush anything that shows a suspicion of elitism. Everything is held to the Least Common Denominator.

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