Having a major problem with astrology


I think that is a profound insight – I don’t know whether or not demons can “see the future,” but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were extremely good at making predictions. I think receiving the exorcism prayer was a wise move. As for remaining predictions, I would just keep in mind that Satan is the father of lies, so even if the astrologer was in contact with a demon that was able to make many predictions that turned out to be accurate, it doesn’t mean that it knows all of the future, or that it was telling the truth at the time. It would have wanted to set you up for despair, and what better way than by making a bunch of accurate predictions mixed with some really worrying ones?

I hope you find some additional helpful advice, but what comes to mind to me is that you just need to live your life and make the decisions you believe God wants you to make. Whatever the astrologer foresaw, God knows all and is greater than any astrologer. Trust Him and His love for you, that if you are open to His love and His will, He will not abandon you.


No. No it is not. No one controls ourselves but ourselves. If you must, go to the Bishop. Find a priest whose scope it is.

Most likely these things have been subconsciously rolling around in your brain, causing you to “fulfill” them. Not only that, but our brains are wired to create connections. That’s why we see faces in inanimate objects. Most of these “prediction” types are so vague that the details get filled in later and make it sound more solid than it is. “The day your wife wears black, she will admit that she’s not sure of your love” Which, given the emotions around, say, a funeral it is likely that a deeply grieved woman might be unsure of your love because you’re too tied up in a petty prediction to pay attention to her loss.


What you take as denial from the priest," Do not listen to it", may be a good first step: Change focus. Leave that cocoon where things just are satellites revolving around that planet of predictions
. It is like a washing machine spinning.
Leave the washing machine. Ask for help to refocus…
I am zero ashamed of psychologists personally,moreover they study to help us out too.
Look for help but jump outside the spinning around that stuff for your own good…


I was actually speaking to a psychologist about this once. That idea was floated but then I explained that they couldn’t possibly be self-fulfilling prophecies.

If everything is put on a timeline, which it was, and the astrologer predicts things that are completely out of your control happening to you - I don’t see how they can be self-fulfilling prophecies that a person is seeking out.

To give an example that I am making up and she thankfully didn’t predict, say that you saw an astrologer and they said, “When you are in your mid forties your spouse will come down with a serious illness and die. You will stop working and care for them full-time until their death.”

Well, there is nothing you can do to stop your spouse from coming down with a serious illness like cancer other than to try and catch it early, and if they were really sick you very well could think that the best and most moral thing to do would be to care for them full time until they become so ill that the hospital would be the best place for them. You could choose not to do so, but obviously it would be an understandable choice. The prediction would come true.

To take it to a Shakespearian extreme to prove a point, you could poison your spouse to ensure they immediately die before they were predicted to get sick just to ensure the prediction wouldn’t come true, or to address the other part of the prediction once they got sick you could just put them in a nursing home immediately and cut off all contact and go on with your life, but really who would do that? That is terrible.

Unless you sacrifice your morals in such a situation the prediction will come true. Nothing you can do about it. You don’t seek it out. It just happens.

The psychologist agreed with me that I could not have been seeking a way to fulfil these predictions since a lot of them were entirely out of my control, which does help in realising I’m not being irrational but it certainly doesn’t help me relax.


Thank you.

I am well aware that I have developed an unhealthy attachment to this experience.

Hypothetically - and this isn’t exactly what has happened to me but it is a parallel of sorts - if an astrologer says, “When you are about 30 years old you will have a daughter. When you are in your mid thirties she will die. When you are about 40 you will be involved in a major accident and as a result you will spend the rest of your life in and out of hospital with major back problems. Very soon after that you will win a tonne of money via the lottery and won’t ever have to work again. In your mid forties your sister will die.”

If you see all of that happen exactly on the timeline that was predicted and you know the majority of it was out of your control.

You could have chosen not to have sex, but then even if you do swear off relationships and the opposite sex you would then - out of your own control get raped - which is a parallel to what I was initially saying how I have gone out of my way multiple times to go down paths to ensure the predictions don’t happen yet they always do.

It would really mess with your head knowing that no matter what you do it always comes true and would frustrate you when thinking about what else was predicted to come true in the future.


Astrology is just way that Satan and his demons work to deceive people. In the beginning the stuff can come true but shortly after you start paying the cost. The whole goal is to bring you away from the faith and salvation.

I recommend two things:

Going to a confessor and admitting your sin, and asking for help.

Read An exorcist explainso the demonic by Fr Gabrielle Amorthave. He was Romes most respected exorcist for a long time.


Well that all is pretty remarkable. I am on your side here. I apologize for the canoe analogy, given your experiences. Know this though, God is in charge. Free will causes a world of chaos, and sometimes, for reasons unknown, God lets the devil have his way.

We know that God foresees a great deal, but not everything, not everything is written in stone. All spiritual creatures are vastly more intelligent than we are.[angels and demons] Who knows what put a bug in the ear of the fortuneteller. All I am trying to suggest is that you place your confidence with God, not the fortune teller. Huge difference there. NOTHING gets past God, no matter what spiritual creatures pass along to fortunetellers. Does all that make sense? My suggestion is still the same. Forget the fortuneteller, place your confidence with God. God rules, the rest are tools.


What exactly do you want them to say now that you have 14 years of pondering on them where they have only 40 secs.

You seem to want them and us to say or prove you are wrong, that fortune telling is complete nonsense.
Noone is going to tell you that. We weren’t there. We don’t know, I am personally a believer in fortune tellers - though 95% are taking advantage of the gullible.

Do you want us to ask you for the details? Why?
It really doesn’t make any difference to our responses.

So how do you expect us to calm you down exactly? We cannot if you want to obsess on tomorrow.
Now you know why you shouldn’t have done so in the first place.

Learn to live just one day at a time, as Jesus said, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.
That is something we all have to do, you are no exception regardless of your belief in the sword of damocles.


No. I’m not trying to prove anything, which is why I haven’t given any details.

I am a believer in determinism but recently it has been hard not to become a fatalist.

It is all well and good if a huge chunk of your life most of the predictions that were made were nothing too objectionable or major, like hypothetically saying you will work in such and such an industry, you will get married at this time in your life, at this time you will have a child, you will make a lot of money at this point in your life, etc.

Nothing too objectionable or inherently negative. However when the major predictions that are yet to come are things you would never want to happen, again hypothetically - and I emphasise I’m just making up examples - if it was predicted, at this time in your life your mother will die, you will get diagnosed with some major illness, you will go to jail, you will get die, etc.

Negative predictions are hard to cope with when every single prediction up to that point has been 100% accurate no matter what.

I don’t know how to continue with much optimism when it comes to anything outside of prayer. I said it somewhere in a post above I feel like I am going through my own version of the agony in the garden.

I know a lot of suffering is coming. I don’t know how to cope with it and I don’t know how to not drift towards some fatalistic view of the world when every prediction comes true no matter what I do.

I totally understand if this is a situation not many people have dealt with and don’t know how to approach because this isn’t some common problem, and I don’t know exactly how to approach it. I’m just asking for any advice whatsoever that maybe I can implement, or a way of looking at things in a way I haven’t considered yet.


Praying for you.
i would go to a very holy priest, maybe talk to your bishop’s office and ask who they would recommend.


This is starting to sound like an anxiety/depressive issue that requires medical and counselling intervention.
No amount of praying or amateur advice can easily fix this.
Your concerns and emotional reaction are way out of proportion.

I advise you to see your GP and mention the chronic anxiety/depression.
Good luck.


I understand how it may look that way without giving many details. If I hadn’t gone through this I would think the same if someone else had said these things.

Thank you anyway. I appreciate it.



With all due respect, I think the reasons that the Priests cannot help you is because you have become fixated on what you heard. You are so wrapped up in it being correct that you are harming yourself mentally.

Were these things written down or recorded—WHEN they were being said? If not, you may be suffering from false memory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB2OegI6wvI

There are many psychologists who can help you. By obstinately stating that there is no other possibility you are literally saying that you will not accept their help. You need to find a better psychologist, perhaps one who is more adept at dealing with PTSD.

You keep insisting over and over and over that they are real and you cannot do anything to stop them. They have such a tight hold on your life, you’re now irrational. Again, call the Bishop’s office–heck, TRAVEL to Rome to see an exorcist if you must. Find a psychologist trained to deal with your sorts of issues, not just one out of the phone book.

Sure, the predictions may be uncanny, but even if they are true, you seem deeply affected and depressed. Your job, therefore, is to stop at nothing to heal your mind before it deteriorates to a point where you can no longer function in society.


Well from my point of view, there are really really good astrologers, because they are obviously trained to do this. This is why those things are usually really vague, so that they can get it correctly for atleast some people. Its closely related to psychology , so the better a psychologist someone is the better they can examine you and in turn predict things.

They can also influence you to believe in those actions becoming reality (For example, I take a pill to reduce pain. The pill actually is not the right pill, but I get reduced pain anyway. Why? Because our mind beliefs it is having an effect, in turn it lets out things which reduce the pain. Its only because we tought it worked, not because it actually worked ) This happens with apparations too for example, when people believe they really saw Jesus when they have been wanting to see Jesus for years.

Another option could be the devil is tempting you into problems like those. A test of faith you might say.
I dont believe you have demonic opression, but if its not a problem, maybe we can help mroe if you described what the predictions are. Its really hard to say how detailed they are based on you just telling us that they are so.

If you believe in God strongly , then you should “rejoice” in suffering as it can bring out the greater good, and in the end it does not even matter. I obviously know I am going to have atleast a hundred more problems throughout my life, but that doesnt keep me from living, or make me depressed. I think the most important thing would be exactly what the priests said to not mind it. Just because you would know what would happen in the future it does not mean there was no other way it could have happened or that your choices didnt influence that decision.

If you want to see a lot of objections to astrology and some positive things ( I guess ) you can read about it here : https://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/spiritual-research/other-spiritual-research/how-accurate-is-astrology/#51
Though the site is not necessarily christian, it brings up lots of good arguments.

Maybe there are other explanations to this. I don’t know. Kinda reminds me of how the simposons used to (and still do) predict the future, but thats not because people working in the production are wizards, its because they are professinally trained philosophers for this type of statisticall accuracy.

Don’t know any other way to help you, but hopefully I did something


Has anything predicted not happened or been wrong? And yeah, a lot of suffering is coming for just about all of us. If we are of a certain age, we will lose our parents and spouses and maybe even children. Some of us will get horrible diseases and suffer from the effects both physically and mentally. I’m not trying to sound like a Debbie Downer, just being open and honest about what we all have to look forward to. The bright side is that after the suffering, if we remain close to our Lord through prayer and the sacraments, He will be waiting for us at the end of it all.


The forecasts could have been veiled prophecies and curses, since they manifest(ed) as spoken. The power of spoken words and intentions can be great.

A mastery of astrology is essential to the serious occultist. The true art is not what the naysayers believe it to be. Let them call it chance or con-artistry. What do they know of it? It’s an indispensable tool required for truly effective magick to take place. I for one believe you and can understand your distress.

I won’t bother to tell you to ask an exorcist about this because they’re nearly impossible to get ahold of, but if you can and they are able to help, that would be awesome.

Otherwise, any distress that you’ve suffered because of these things will likely be interpreted as being the root problem, because that’s a lot easier for them to believe than that people with the right knowledge, skills, intentions, and spiritual connections do in fact have the ability to manipulate reality, and in ways they may never have thought possible - and even if they did, would likely find themselves ill equipped to solve the problems. Certainly there must be some exceptions to this, but exceptions they must be. If you’re not babbling in Assyrian and levitating stuff and telling them their most hidden secrets, you probably won’t get much attention. But hey, maybe you will. Who knows.

If you could find a priest who has enough experience with these things who could discover what the real deal here is, and effectively deal with the problem, that would be great. I really hope you do. It’s just too bad that priests are typically clueless when it comes to identifying and dealing with problems of this nature, even if they’ve witnessed exorcisms or have experienced “strange” things…I don’t mean to be hard on them, but they’re usually better with mundane or ordinary things, because that’s what they’re trained for. Organizing a Fish Fry or chatting up your favorite parishioners is easier than diagnosing and dispelling potentially advanced magick.

I’ve dealt with a lot worse than this - not to make light of your situation- and have found that relying directly on God is often your only choice when dealing with these things. And that’s okay. Supernatural sticky-wickets aren’t a problem for God to rid you of if He likes.

By the by, you don’t “know” the negative predictions will come to pass, but your strong faith in them may very well contribute to their possible manifestation. “As above, so below”, ya know? Your distress is natural, but the more thought and emotion and time you spend on it, the more likely it is to give power to whatever forces have been set into motion already. You went into it innocently enough, but ultimately you are the one most responsible for this problem. That isn’t to blame you. It happens. I hope the best outcome for you with it all. At the very worst, if the sh***y things come to pass, at least you won’t be surprised.


To be absolutely clear there is no basis of truth in astrology whatsoever, so whatever you have experienced is not down to someone’s ability to predict the future, so stop obsessing about it…

ALL - not some , ALL - soi disant astrologers are people who prey on the vulnerable…

Comedian, and scientist, Dara O’Brian, famously provided an easy guide for those confused about the difference between astronomy - the study of the stars and planets - and astrology.

Astrology, he helpfully pointed out, contains the word “log” - which is a unit of poo…


I understand your fear. I can be extremely anxious and fear everything. It is a mental issue I have. Remember what Padre Pio said: Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry. I don’t think God cannot change the future. He can do anything. I would pray not too much for that to not happen, but to find peace. (It doesn’t mean that that future will happen) And if possible go find an exorcist, talk to your Bishop if he can point you to one. By the way, the St. Benedict Medal, blessed according to the Medal’s blessing prayer, can be effective, as it is an exorcism too. I have one, and I am not very anxious since I have it.


Look at this:

Read the parts about witchcraft.

I don’t know if it will help: just remember what the motto of St. Benedict Joseph Labre was: no thought for the morrow. He lived in the streets, had possibly mental problems. He’s my role model ;). That is my motto too.


I believe in fortune telling. Just a fact of experience. I dont believe its set in concrete though. Even God pulled the rug on his prophets a number of times. There is supernatural phenomenon at work outside of the Catholic Church if one accepts such things as prophecy, levitation and incorrupt bodies are “supernatural.”

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