Having a Mass said while maintaining privacy or for one whose name is unknown


Suppose someone wanted to have a Mass said for someone known in the parish but didn’t want it known that the Mass was being requested for the person. I know they are not supposed to say the person’s name aloud if the person is still lovng, but there are still people who know the name, like the person who makes up the schedule (office manager or similar).

Or suppose someone kindly helped you when your car broke down in an area with no cell phone service but you don’t know that person’s name–can that be done?

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You would simply state when you offer the stipend and schedule the Mass, that it is for a “special intention” without naming it. God knows the intent of your heart; nobody else needs to know.


Yes, I often see “special intention” in our parish bulletin. And I’ve done that myself.


Great idea. I have been in this situation before & wish I would have thought of this.


Yes, it’s doable. I had a random woman come up to me and ask me to pray for her daughter. I had mass offered for “random woman’s daughter”. Our priest translated it into Latin and at the commemoration of the living, he said it. No one heard because the canon is silent, but he told me afterwards.


“Special intention”.


Thank you for these insights. I have masses said for persons with only a first name available and I figured that God knows who it’s being said for.


Thanks so much, everyone :slight_smile:

I love the “random woman’s daughter” in Latin!

So, does the special intention have to be a person? Like if someone was selling a house, could the special intention be that? (Altho something like that strikes me as a bit frivolous for Mass…).

Thanks again!


No, a special intention is just that…no need to elaborate. It’s not frivolous if you need it to live…:shrug:


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