Having a romantic partner at a young age


Is it a sin to date at my age (15)? (I’m not dating but I’m just asking a hypothetical question). Assuming this is a romantic intimate relationship but does not include lust or sexual acts. Is this a sin?


I don’t think how it can be sin while you said you don’t aim to do anything that might be a sin.
Go, ask her out already!:smiley:


Your parents have final say over what is and isn’t appropriate.

That said, in my mind, no, it’s fine. Dating at your age isn’t about finding a spouse: it’s about developing social skills and learning how to be comfortable interacting with the opposite sex.

Basically, it’s practice, so when you are genuinely discerning marriage as an adult, you’re comfortable asking a girl out and navigating romantic relationships. Just don’t take it TOO seriously. Realize that the odds of you actually marrying this person are like 1 in 10000000000. Just concentrate on having fun, treat her with respect, and you’ll be fine.


When I was five I fell in love with my teacher. Now I’m …older, I realise why things didn’t work out, professional ethics prevented reciprocation.

(I don’t think I sinned.ps also there was a height difference.)


My best dates - were my teenage years - by far - lol


No. It’s fine outside of actually having sex.


This is a question for your parents. Not for strangers on the internet


What would be the purpose of this at 15?

It isn’t necessarily a sin, but it certainly isn’t prudent. It’s something you should be talking to your parents about.

It would be difficult to have a “romantic intimate relationship” for any length of time without it leading to occasions of sin. Again, talk to your parents!


Do you have enough income to buy a house and a car?


It is not a sin, but if you do decide to date, remember that you are young and there is a very small chance you’d stay with your first (or second, or third) girlfriend (I am assuming you’re a boy). Don’t get too attached to them. In my opinion, the only time a couple should become really attached is during the engagement period, because up until then, there really is no strong commitment made. But that is just my opinion. Advice: Don’t talk about the future with your girlfriend unless the relationship lasts into adulthood and you’re seriously discerning marriage with her! Talking about what kind of house you want to have, what you want to name hypothetical children, etc. only seems to make the breakup more bitter, at least in my experience. And if you do talk about such things, include the word “if”! “if we get married…”

Eventually, dating couples need to talk about these things. But when the couple is far away from discerning marriage, I don’t think the time is appropriate.

I wish you the best.


hehehe yeah :slight_smile:


My parents are actually fine with it but they aren’t Catholic they are secular people. So I asked on this forum to know wether it was a sin or not because my parents aren’t Catholic. Although I understand the importance of parental guidance thank you for the advice :slight_smile:


Do you see a priest .


My parents are fine with it but they are non-religious people. I asked because I wanted to know if it was a sin or not.


Thank you so much for the advice :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


I think it is pointless to be romantically involved at an age you cannot married.

In a relationship there is heart attachment. And breakdown can be very painfull.

More, it is an occasion of sin. Or temptation. Very few teenagers have completly chaste relationships.

The best is to have friends, success in studies and occasion to discover the world without thoses attachments that will reduced your opportunities.


No I don’t. I do enjoy studying finance/economics but I do not live independently. However that is very important in terms of decerning the vocation of marriage (when it comes to that to whoever I meet), Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Noted. I’ll take that side into consideration. Thank You for the advice :slight_smile:


Well I go to mass most days but I don’t have a spiritual director. I don’t really have much time so that’s why I ask on Catholic forums :slight_smile:

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