Having a terrible time figuring out this site


This new format is terribly confusing. Is there any place that has instructions for how to do everything on here? I didn’t have trouble with the last format. I’m confused as how to reply to someone specifically. I hit the reply button on their post, but it shows up at bottom of page and you wouldn’t know I am replying to someone. This is just one of many things I don’t understand.


I don’t find it too confusing. It is somewhat different, but many sites are. Have you run through the two tutorials? They are not very intense or detailed, but give you an overview of basic functionality.


You can go through the new user tutorial.
Have you already done that?About reply:
To reply to a post,click on the arrow at the end of the post.
To reply to the thread ,click on reply.


To do that, post
@Discobot start new user


So, just ask for help. I mean, I couldn’t figure out how to quote text in my reply. Someone explained how to use the speech bubble icon. I felt stupid asking but no one belittled me for it!


Give it time. Play with it. Work with it. Welcome back.


What I’ve worked out is if you reply to the OP or your reply is next to the post you are replying to that is what you see. If you reply to another post you will see the posters avatar. Agreed it is annoying. I wish it showed the avatar regardless but it should help navigate the site.


Back when the forum first switched over, there was a thread with lots of tips and tricks:

I tried to keep it going as long as I could. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think a tutorial would be nice with screenshots! Right? Maybe one of the moderators can create one.


This is your tutorial.


What s UP with this?

Evert time I NOW {a recent development} use a bib e quote I get something like this:

Lev.22: 21

With the SPACE limits being what they are; this exasperates the POSTING challenge




What exactly is the issue? I can follow the Lev.22 link. What is it you’re intending to do?


I often quote the Bible {copy and paste} to support what I am sharing. Recently I noticed each time I do so a long string of letters and numbers appear. Given the SPACE restrictions of the FORUM , this further limits the details one can share in POST

Thank you


Long string of letters and numbers? Are you using an image? Are you posting a link? Or just the copy-paste?


Just C & P from the Douay or RSV bibles


Have you tried seeing if the copy-paste is bugging out in general? Maybe open a word document and C&P there too to see if the letters and number thing happens there too.


I think it is confusing too. I have replied to the wrong person. I have replied to myself. It gets frustrating.


I’m a Catholic Apologetic’s Teacher so I do exactly that most often daily.
Thanks for your help!

The PROBLEM though is that the self-imposed string seems to count in the “character count” ; but THEN disappears in the POST itself. {Unless I’m seeing things}

Teaching apologetic’s is challenging enough with the STROKE limit; this just adds to the level of difficulty.

God Bless you and thanks,

Maybe you can answer another question for me too?

One of “my” POST was flagged; when I looked it up; it seems to be one where I QUOTED our Catechism. Is their a way to ask a monitor to review it? … Certainly. this being a CATHOLIC Forum; quoting the Catechism ought not trigger such a response.

God Bless you



Are you trying to say that you don’t want the link to say Lev.22 and would rather have it as the whole URL?



I’d like it to give ONLY the Bible reference and not penalize me in stroke-count for counting the Bible

God Bless you,

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