Having Baptism and 1st Communion on line?

Hi, I am a Rick, just with no religous bias whatsoever, but my boss (who appears to follow Catholic traditions) is givin us off Friday or “Good Friday”. So, to make sure he don’t change his mind, it would be in my best interest to be Catholic, if possible for the weekend only. Do you know where can I have some quick simple baptism and communion on line? How much it cost? It would be nice if I get some framed title to place on my office wall near my other academic credentials? I can use paypal or credit.
Please let me know, I am willing to do this for a couple days!



:smiley: He’s giving you the day off. You don’t HAVE to become Catholic for a day to get the day off.

P.S. You can’t buy Baptism or 1st Eucharist. They are gifts of grace received from Jesus through the Sacraments.

For adults interested in becoming Catholic, we have a 9 month program called RCIA which stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

P.S. What country are you in?

you cant have baptism and communion online…you have to be physically present to receive these sacraments…its not something you can just order online, the church usually expects adult converts to receive instruction in the faith before receiveing baptism, first confession, first communion and confirmation…if you are serious and this isnt a joke then just enquire at your local church, tell the priest you want to become a catholic and take it from there

I will assume you are merely being facetious, not malicious in your question but I am sure subsequent posts will settle the issue.
No sacraments cannot be purchased, nor can they be conferred on line.

if you have been given Friday off by your boss, why do you feel any more need to comment on his faith affiliation. Do you also make such assumptions when you get Christmas off?

Guessing this is a joke…

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