Having issues with Biblical Geography


I’m reading Acts all the way through for the first time and becoming very confused by the geography. By confused I mean I have no idea where these places they refer to are or if their actions in those specific places hold some sort of significance like Jesus’s first missionary work beginning in the land of Naphtali where the old testament fortold. Are there is geography books out there that contain maps of all the places mentioned in Acts and the rest of the bible? There are a ton available but wanted to ask the forum for honest reviews.


Most Bibles have relevant maps in the back - some better than others. Never heard Jesus called a missionary before!


A dictionary of Bible place-names would be very helpful, as would a Bible having a map of Biblical Israel and the surrounding nations.



The book Manners and Customs in the Bible by Victor H. Matthews has lots of maps and discussions of geography. It also covers diet, culture, dress, politics, funeral and marriage customs, farming and military techniques, civil justice procedures, herding practices, social organization, and a ton of other information useful for understanding what they are talking about in the Bible.





thanks Tim that book sounds interesting


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