Having lots of trouble with NFP...kinda long


I’m having lots of trouble with NFP. I mentioned in another thread a while back how I had my period (actual bleeding) for 2 months straight (every day, some days light some days heavy, most days medium) and now I haven’t started yet. I do this all the time and I never have a normal cycle so its extremely difficult to keep track up. There have even been times where I’ve gone 7 months without bleeding at all (I still have cramps and mucus but no blood). Every time I did this the doctor always wanted to put me on birth control (this was before I became Catholic). I did take it one time but it actually made it worse so I stopped. Its like no doctor wants to help me.

We have only one doctor in the area who specializes in NFP (she’s Catholic, too) but its hard to get an appointment with her and the place I work doesn’t like us taking off at all (even if we are sick or need to go to the doctor). Plus I don’t even know if she could help me. No one wants to do any kind of tests or anything to see if there is something major wrong. They just want to give me the pill and that be that.

I’m just so frustrated right now I’ve been sitting here sobbing while I was trying to do my NFP charting. I’m actually so frustrated that I wonder is this even worth being Catholic anymore??? I know that is completely the wrong attitude to have but I can’t help it. To me, I shouldn’t have to have this much trouble with it. I am open to life but should it be this frustrating?!?!?!

I neglect other things (including things like prayer time) because I’m so worried about getting NFP right and my charts right. I mean, would God rather me worry about NFP or worry about whether or not I’m honoring him in every other aspect of my life???

I’m sorry this was so long but I just need some help!!! Has anyone else experienced this much trouble or have this type of irregualrity or frustration? Please help me.

(BTW, don’t know if this even matters but its just me that’s Catholic in the family, DH is Protestant)


:hug1: I am not in your shoes persay but I struggle undertanding how to use it at times. Please dont give up on our wonderful church that is the last thing you should do. I will pray for you and just know that there are people out there willing to help you. If you cant leave your job consider getting together with someone that teaches it and maybe they can help you sort out whats going on with your cycles. Both NFP only docs around me are about 2 hours away and I made those trips and paid cash in my case because I didn’t want to be told that I needed BC.
Have you ever heard of ‘Contraception why Not’ by Dr. Janet Smith? She is wonderful and she made me realize that BC was not the answer and that BC only is a band aid to a problem it does not cure it. So I guess what I am trying to say is hang in there and educate yourself more on why you have chosen to use NFP and why you are Catholic. :wink:


Thanks for your response. I would love to take some classes but the only ones are over an hour away and offered on weekdays and I wouldn’t be able to get there before they started. There are some on Saturdays but its not until October. And I’m not going to leave the church because of this, but it is very frustrating. Before I became Catholic, yes, I knew that artificial birth control wasn’t allowed and I knew it wouldn’t be a problem but NFP has become almost a burden to me.

And the thing is, I’m Catholic because I feel closer to God in the Church but IMO, having to deal with the stress and frustration of NFP and my weird cycles is causing me to be farther from him. And yet, I feel if I don’t make sure to follow every Church teaching to the tee, I’m being a bad Catholic and Christian. I’m just so frustrated and upset.


omsoul.com/ check this website out if you havent they have great resources and the cd I was talking about is worth ordering it is free.
Try to understand why the church holds this teaching that is very helpful. Once you do it makes sense, I am not going to look at the prtotestant positons because they have so many that I dont even know where to begin. But look into Christopher West and his works on John Paul ll Theology of the Body. That will really be an eye and heart opener for you. It was for me.
My sister has had a really hard time with her cycles and only a nfp dr. was able to help her, so dont get discouraged really its worth your time and effort to get to one.
No one is a perfect Catholic Christian that is why we need Jesus dont be to hard on yourself. :heart:


First off… try your best to get in to see the NFP doctor. I think taking off for one critical doctor’s appointment is justified at this point… especially if you’re questioning parts of your FAITH.

Secondly, if your OB refuses to TREAT the actual PROBLEM rather than just try to cover the symptoms with The Pill… the ask to be recommended to a Reproductive Endocrinologist… they are specialists in the area of reproductive hormonal health. Usually they will try to delve deeper than a regular OB who will just try to push The Pill…

Good luck and many prayers for you!
At this point, you HAVE to take the time to get to a doctor who’s more qualified to treat this issue (NFP doc or an RE)… work is secondary to this.


I don’t know how old you are but I had this problem in my early twentys. Have you had your thyroid checked? I was hypothyridic, that was my problem.


I second all the advice already given. :thumbsup:

Don’t give up on your faith because of your health problems – you need your faith to help you through them! Jesus established the Catholic Church, and is present in the Holy Eucharist and is the one who gives us forgiveness and grace in confession. Stay close to Him in the sacraments during this time of turmoil and He will strengthen and comfort you. :hug1:

Offering a prayer for you and your husband. :crossrc: If you’d like to join us in the St. Monica’s thread (it’s a sticky at the top) please do. We just started a new novena. :slight_smile:


That much sustained bleeding is not normal. You don’t have an NFP problem, you have a health problem. Please listen to those who have urged you to seek a doctor that will treat the condition, not just the symptom.


I am 26 (27 in April). No, I haven’t had that checked. In fact, I didn’t even know that was a sympton of Hypothyroidism. I looked it up and several more symptoms apply to my situation. I’m going to make an appt with the dr whether my boss likes it or not.


Disclaimer : not advise…please see doctor

I too had hypothyroidism ( had total thyroidectomy) as well PCOs as well fibroid (had myomectomy) and have suffered from irregular bleeding and menoraghia, am always anemic…

In such cases of irregular bleeding, Creightons model NFP is good. We of course are using it to achieve a pregnancy. I found out about the method and drs in my area from PopePaulVI institute 2 years and it has helped me tremendously

Please look into the method.


Read your post on prayer intentions, i will pray for you but please don’t give up on your faith god has not deserted you sometimes we are so upset and troubled we don’t hear him, god bless you :gopray2: :hug1: :hug1:


Good for you! This was going to be my advice as well. It would be very hard to get anything but a BC pill-pusher at a regular doctor’s office.

What method of NFP do you use? I would be happy to ask my Billings instructor if I could share her email address with you, if that is the method you are trying to use. She considers being an instructor her ministry, so if you use Billings, I bet she’d be at least a little helpful!


Good for you. I too urge you to get into the NFP only Dr. she will at least know that The Pill is not the solution. She may even be connected with the Pope Paul VI Institute and NaPro technologies.

I think that you do not have an NFP problem either but a very serious health problem. This kind of bleeding is not normal! So I will say again, good for you for getting yourself to the Drs!

Keep us up to date on how things are going and you will be in my prayers!

Brenda V.


You’ve gotten GREAT advice so far, and I also think you should either see the NFP doc or get a referral to an RE. I also want to recommend the book ***Fertilty, Cycles, and Nutrition *by Marilyn Shannon. **It could be that something as simple as a change in diet and/or a vitamin supplement can help get your cycles back on track.


I’m twenty, and for the past two or three years now, I’ve been having the same exact problem as you. The first time I went five months without my period, I began to panic. I looked up online what irregular periods could be a symptom of, and the first thing I saw was that it could be a sign of infertility. That led me to going to the doctor the first time. They did a check-up, got my first pap-smere, and they ran some tests. I told my doctor I was worried about my fertility, and she just shook her head and told me dismissively that it wasn’t something I should be worried about. (What?? :eek: )

They finally called me back about a month later to tell me my results were normal, and when I told them I’d started my period, they said “Oh, okay” and nothing else went into it. Ugh. After that, I went almost six or seven weeks bleeding, more often heavily than lightly. It was like my body was making up for lost time, you know? Not having gotten help the first time, I ignored the irregular periods for two years (I’d get my period, then go two or three months without bleeding but with the cramps, mood swings, loss of appetite, etc, then bleed long and heavily when it finally came, only to repeat the cycle). But, when another five-months passed without a period, my mom took me to a different doctor. Who once again dismissed my worry about fertility, saying I was too young to be able to tell anything about that. (Honestly, too young? Some people would like to know if they’re fertile before they get married…)

They tested me for my thyroid as well as for hormonal imbalance (weird hormones can do incredible things to your body), and now after about two months, I’m pretty much resigning myself to the fact that they’re never going to tell me the results.

They tried to put me on The Pill, too, and thankfully my mother was there to save me (I’m such a push-over, I would’ve taken them from her, even if I never intended to actually use them). Instead, they put me on hormones, which did trigger my period, but that doesn’t fix the problem, it simply treats the symptoms.

Forgive me for ranting about my own frustrations :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to tell you about a book my parents got me, called Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition, by Marilyn M. Shannon. Turns out there are a lot of things as simple as your diet that can effect your period, and there are some easy ways to go about fixing them. You should look into it if you get the chance, and see if it will help you. Changing your diet is a lot easier than some other things, and I gurantee you that no secular doctor will ever suggest that’s the problem.

God bless, and good luck.



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