Having medical problems with marital relations

I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis about 3 years ago and the medication is not working anymore. It is so so bad now that my husband is not able to end our relations with intercourse. In the last month it has become just too excruciatingly painful for me.

I had asked my confessor when this happened the first time if it was okay that we just got a little bit of the semen in the entrance and he said that this was okay. It got a little better for a while so we were able to have intercourse although not without pain for me.

Now that it is so painful we are just doing what we did in the above paragraph every time. I am worried because the first time we did it this way we did not know that we would not be able to do it the right way so my priest may have just said it was okay because it was not our intent and now we know that we won’t be able to have intercourse but we are still doing it this way. Is this moral? I am really scared to hear the answer since my dh is not Catholic and he won’t abstain from relations. Sorry if this is TMI but I did not know how else to explain it.

If it is your intention every time when you begin intercourse to have it end properly, you have not sinned. Similarly, a man with erectile dysfunction has not sinned when he and his wife attempt to arouse each-other with the intention of intercourse, but he is simply not able to. I’m so sorry for your condition.

Thank you Adrianna for answering my post. Will you let me know where you got this information? I really hope you are correct.:slight_smile:

Contact ncbcenter.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=183 ask to speak with an ethicist …

Bookcat, I went to the site you linked and I will call that number tomorrow and ask for an ethicist. Thank you for the info.:slight_smile:

Your welcome…they are very good and helpful.

Ask for Fr. Tad if he is available…(he appears on CA from time to time…and EWTN)

I’ll take a look around today through some of my textbooks, but I remember it being a topic in a few of the theology courses I’ve taken and that was the answer that was reached in all of them. Keep in mind, there is probably no magisterial teaching on this. They haven’t written on everything. I’m not sure I can provide you with official Church teaching because there may be none. However, the answer I have provided you is generally accepted in Catholic theological circles.

Okay, Thank you Adrianna.

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