Having new house blessed

I just bought a new house and hope to close July 1. I’d like one of our priests to bless the house. I have never had this done. What is the protocol? Should I go to the Church with a donation and the request for the blessing in the same way you would ask for a Mass to be said for someone? Or give the priest a donation personally? Or would that be offensive?

There is no money required for the blessing of someone’s home. Just simply call your parish and ask for a priest to bless your house.

When I had my last house blessed I invited the Priest over to bless the house and for a dinner on a Sunday. I was single at the time and I also invited my parents and grandmother to dinner to make it more festive. After dinner we all went around the house as he blessed it. I gave him a thank you card with a 20$ in it and I’m pretty sure my grandma slipped him a bill, too. I think it’s a local custom to give small cash gifts to priests and nuns around here. At least it’s something MY family has always done.

Is it lawful for a priest to bless an apartment? My husband and I are renting a town home apartment and we would like for our priest to come and bless it but I wasn’t sure if that was appropriate since we are renting it.

its fine
blessings are not dependent on ownership of the property

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