Having our house blessed?


I’m going to have the priest come to bless our house, which we bought in August. Everything is finally unpacked and in place.
My question: is this a party time? What happens when the priest is doing the blessing?

I"m 4 years new in the Church, and still learning.


Bonnie in WI


We had our house blessed when we first moved in. I was about 4 years as a Catholic then, too. :slight_smile:

We made it part of our housewarming party, with all our family and friends present. The priest walked around to each room saying prayers, and we followed him through the house. It was very celebratory.

I’ve also heard of families blessing their houses when they are not new, and so no party, just family and priest.

Hope this helps.



Congrats on the new house! When we had our house blessed, it was just the priest, me, my wife and my friend. I think anything goes.



I like the idea of making it part of a housewarming party!

Not to hijack your thread, but I'm wondering if people usually have apartments blessed when they first move in?


We combined ours with a housewarming/child's 1st b-day party since we would be inviting that same people to each.


Thanks, everyone - I think I'll set that up soon. Maybe make a nice supper and invite the Godmothers, too.


Blessing your home is a good first step.

Even more important is enthroning the Holy Family and Scripture in your home.
here is how: familyland.org/content/Content.aspx?CategoryID=607



We had our house blessed and the Holy Family enshrined. We talked for a bit, he did the blessing and enshrinment. Then we had dinner. I made pot roast in the crock pot and had leftover pasta salad. Then we talked some more. It was nothing big.


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