Having problems at work

I have been working at the same place for a while and it has been a rocky road for me. I love my co workers like they are family but my main manager scares me a little sometimes. I don’t know what to do. They get a tone when you ask for help and make you feel bad for asking as if they do not have time for it. I understand that we all have things to deal with outside of work and that it can leave us in a bad mood sometimes. I do not agree with taking it out on co workers who have done nothing at all. I was told I did something wrong two times once but was never told how to do it in the first place and still have not been.

I do not know what to do anymore even though the person has their good days also and can be nice. I wan’t to feel safe at work when they are around but I get anxiety from it also now days more then before. I worry for some of the new workers also. Does anyone have any tips?

Is this your first job?

Have you ever been assigned a trainer?

How long have you worked there?

I have had two really lousy bosses in the last 4 years. Previously, I had a co-worker that hated me and boss that would pretend they had not given me direction when they did.

I started documenting everything. I also started working really hard on just hearing the words and not the tone in which the words were delivered. I was not always successful, but it was really good for me to do. I have a tendency to react to what I think the other person is saying based on their tone of voice rather than actually hearing and reacting to the words they are using.

I also got a great little book - The Catholic Briefcase - that helped me a lot.

Perhaps there is a coworker who might be willing to mentor you? I will be praying that this be resolved in a way that supports you in accordance with the will of our Lord tonight and at Holy Mass tomorrow.

I am sorry that you are going through this.

LSK had excellent advice, telling you to document things. I did this when I was working and there were problems with miscommunication.

I brought a notebook to work and had it right out in front of me, everyone could see it! When I got a directive from a supervisor I would grab my pen and write it down. Sometimes I would even ask them to repeat it so I would get the directions right. A few of the supervisors were nice and thought it was a great idea, some rolled their eyes at me and found it irritating. Some flip-flopped back and forth. My excuse was that I was forgetful and wanted to make sure I remembered their directions.

This came in handy when there were conflicts. I could honestly look at one supervisor and tell them “Wait, John told me to perform this task a different way three days ago, but you are telling me something else I am confused.” while looking at my notes.

Documenting even on a small notebook you carry in your pocket won’t change people. However it may help your anxiety some, because it is (somewhat) de-escalating the situation and giving you something concrete to deal with aka: your notes. Your supervisors will still possibly be moody, will still be unpredictable and still take things out on you that may not be fair. If you stay focused on your TASKS and perform those tasks it might help a little, not a lot necessarily but a little?

Lastly, pray for your supervisors. Pray for those that are hurting you. Jesus loves them very much and it hurts Him when He sees His sons and daughters abusing positions of power to hurt others. Please be assured of my prayers, God bless.

Thank you all so much. I may start to wright things that have happened down now. If others tell me things that have happened to them I may include them also because I am not the only one who is getting attitude from the person.

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