Having Straight Experience Listening To E Nomine's Der Exorzist

I downloaded E Nomine’s Der Exorzist and have been listening to it for a couple of days. Today, I listen to it again and the song is missing the refrain (chorus). The refrain is in Latin and it goes like this “Ostende te daemon devotus nomine crucis evade” which means “Show yourself devoted demon. Evade the name of the cross.” That Latin refrain was simply disappeared from the track. I was like…Can anyone explain? Is this some divine or demonic phenomenum? Scary if you think about it. Below are the youtube link and lyric.

You sneak into this house. Without warning, you slip in and don’t want to come out. Which gratification do you abuse? Pull rascals and spit them out. Float over the bed and wet the mattress. You pretend to be dumb. I ask you what your name is and you just grin. Your laugh stinks like liquid manure. Your eyes are purple. I am a man of God you cursed demon! In the name of Christ, I will get you.
Take possesion of this body. Piece for piece caress the soul. Are you confused by the luck of the vain dead? This innocent life is trying to decieve me. But I will stay as long as I can fight. I hunt you. Come out you coward! Take me.
Show yourself. Show your true face. Come out of this soul. You don’t get it.
Show yourself devoted demon. Evade the name of the cross.


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