Having trouble getting into Christmas spirit


The last few Christmases I’ve really had trouble getting into the spirit of Chirstmas…getting excited about all the festivities and the birth of Jesus.

My family comes in two varieties…totally not interested in the celebrations…or completely materialistic (i.e. the holiday is merely for getting lots of presents).

I miss the joy I used to feel during this time of year. I can’t even get anyone to help me put up the tree. I feel like not bothering putting up decorations.

Any advice? Already been praying about it…and, of course, will continue to…


Maybe you could try instituting some advent activities like the advent wreath or a Jesse tree. Setting aside a seperate time for prayer, Bible reading and focusing on Christ can really help you get into the Christmas spirit.


Don’t try to manufacture emotions or feelings. Instead, just try to say a few extra prayers in honor of advent. Go to a few extra masses. Make an extra donation to a local food pantry or homeless shelter.

A few Christmas carols might not hurt, either.:slight_smile:


Advent is supposed to be a bit penitential…:slight_smile:

(it’s why the priests vestments are purple)


Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement. It means a lot to me!

I’ve tried some Christmas carols earlier…will keep that up. :wink: I’m watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” right now.

I wish we had an advent wreath…that would be neat.

We’re going to go to adoration on the 8th (in addition to Mass since it’s a Holy Day).


I didn’t have an Advent Wreath or alot of money to buy a nice one so I made my own fairly inexpensively. You can read the readings and pray it without the wreath too if you want. :slight_smile:


What helps me: Move slowly, savor, purge and be thankful.

MOVE SLOWLY: Don’t put out all the Christmas decorations, or even the Advent decorations, at once. Go slowly. Do a box a week. Start with the Advent wreath or calendar, then maybe a couple things, like the Wisemen and their camels in the hallway. Next week, some tinsel, a wreath on the front door, and move the Wisemen toward the kitchen. Third week, the evergreens or holly, the lights, and move the Wisemen toward the tree. Fourth week, the tree, anything else, and the Wisemen are almost under the tree (They don’t get to the tree until Epiphany).

SAVOR: Enjoy doing what you’re doing, as you take your time doing it. Employ all your senses.

PURGE: Go to confession. Get rid of your overabundance to good places. Clean things. Rearrange the furniture.

BE THANKFUL: Think of one person or one thing every day of Advent, and be thankful in prayer for him/ her/ it.

Hope that helps.


Aw, I’m sorry you’re not getting into the spirit…I think it’s hard sometimes when all around us is ‘buy this or buy that’ mentality, and not much sentiment for Christmas…the real meaning of it.

Here’s something that is very helpful, I have found. I always have loved this time of year, but now, I actually look at it with an entirely different set of eyes. Celebrate Advent. Get into the beauty of preparing your heart for Christ’s coming. Do something charitable. Pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. Start praying the Rosary, daily. Do something that places all focus on Christ, and soon…you will feel so elated about the whole season. Take a drive at night to see Christmas lights…even if it is alone. Listen to Catholic radio…or watch a touching Hallmark movie…that warms your heart, and isn’t secular in nature. Bake something from your childhood, and the smells and tastes will flood back to you…warming your heart. We don’t need to force our feelings…just feel them as they come. If you feel sad, feel it. Don’t go hog wild with decorations…just put up a few beautiful touches that bring the holiday alive …to you. It’s not about impressing the neighbors…etc…although, I think that is what it boils down to for some. I also don’t shop for presents until like a few nights before…it just keeps me in a better spirit, celebrating Advent…and not worrying about spending spending spending.

Try some of these tips maybe, and you’ll feel like a new person this season! Good luck!:slight_smile:


I reaaaallllly enjoyed your reply…!!! How perfectly stated!!:thumbsup:


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