Having trouble remaining a 'Walking Dead' fan

I have always liked this AMC show, started watching when it first came out, but I watched season 6 yesterday, and have noticed they are showing more gore than ever, I realize its a cable channel, but I cannot believe the amount of gore they are now showing, in the past, this kind of thing would not have even been allowed in R rated movies.

One other thing I didnt like, their attempt to show a lesbian relationship as normal, the female doctor (Denise) and Tara, they were showing a smart successful person (a doctor) could enjoy being in a homosexual relationship and it was just like a man/woman relationship, not to mention the catholic priest in the group, appears to have no problem with it, nor does anyone in the entire group, Cmon, in tv shows and movies, there is always that one character that does not like a homosexual relationship, usually the Daryll types that have a problem with it, I have a feeling if Merle was still alive, he would not think its OK.

Just be glad you don’t live where they film it.

He’s an Episcopalian priest, not Catholic. And I hate that they mislead people with SSA. Is season 6 on Netflix?

A stupid show as is The Preacher and a couple other shows. If they did not have such shows on there would be a lot less violence and disrespect for life, liberty and freedom. American youth has become desensitized to the pint that at least one poster equates religion/spiritualty to computer games or just plain games. It is so easy to get real life confused with fairy tails and violence. It is like dipping into the underworld to a point that someone could drown.

When I was younger I loved the great Greek classics and mythologies, but they usually had a compass pointing between good and evil. I grew up on the few Irish tales my mother could remember and both made me want to read more.

I can’t imagine someone watching “The Walking Dead” for six hours. Your eyes must have glazed over. The show is going nowhere and that is why it becomes worse over time, to keep the ratings up. I watched a couple time, but that was enough for me. TV stinks theses days. It is like food: you become like what you ingest.

I know! Instead of watching gross TV, go to the library and get a few good books to immerse yourself into. I have being gong to UTUBE and finding good vidios there. But…that’s just me. Peace and prayers.

I understand this. I converted two years ago and shows I used to really enjoy I realize now are not good. Too violent, too much sex, too much sin, just a lot of images I don’t need to be putting into my head. I’ve been watching a lot of older shows that were clean.

One video on Youtube turned me away from
watching any more L-word videos!!
It’s called “T is for twig”, I would recommend it
to anyone addicted to that genre of Youtube

It should be on Netflix by now, I rented from our local DVD rental place, season 6 just came in last week.

Im pretty sure this was the first SS relationship on walking dead, I cant think of any others off the top of my head, that alone is strange for modern tv, who knows, maybe the writers were getting pressured to include this kind of thing.

Overall, I do like the show and will keep watching, but I do have to look away and hit mute at certain times, I just cannot watch someone get eaten alive by zombies.

I find it curious how realistic it is too, I mean, when it first happened, everyone was running around, didnt know what to do, but now, years into it, communities are forming, they are setting up small cities, just like in medieval times, they are seeking out bartering arrangements with other groups, growing crops, livestock, etc. history repeating itself I guess!

Calling it done myself when Daryl dies :smiley:

Too many shows and video games are pushing homosexual relationships these days (as a good), that to boycott each one would mean joining a monastery. Divorce (as acceptable) is already run rampant, which is far worse imho, but readily accepted as watchable, so :shrug: Today’s climate seems to require building endurance against smut as a necessity these days (at least if I understood my confessor correctly).

I wasn’t sure if I was being overscrupulous giving up any entertainment that contradicted Catholic teaching, so I just let it be. What else can people do stuck in a sickbed all day :\

“Do not turn off your TV. You are being controlled.” Yes we are. Think about it. A friend was having issues with his children. He threw out the TV. After that they became academic scholars, successful business people and pillars of the church. I kid you not. Just saying the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Peace.

Two dudes, the recruiters for Alexandria, were in an SS relationship.

Yes you are right, I forgot about those two guys, but strangely in Season 6, the main recruiter (brown haired one) is shown pretty often, but I think they showed the other one like maybe once and he did not have any lines, plus, they did not mention or focus on their relationship one time during the entire season that I saw.

I used to love the walking dead especially season 1 and 2 but as the seasons progressed it has gotten to gory and just over the top and I agree very sinful with the character’s and storyline they are introducing. I just don’t watch it anymore it’s gone just like all the other rubbish secular tv programmes.

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