Having trouble with scandal

does scandal need to involve some sort of sin?

how would you be showing that something is wrong if you’re not doing anything wrong yourself?

for example, you have a roommate of the opposite sex. that in itself is not really wrong if you’re just living in the same house. even Jesus stayed with mary and Martha, didn’t he?

or even if a couple is living together chastely? occasion of sin is a different matter, but why should people assume you’re doing anything when you may not be?

i’m still a bit confused by this issue. people have assumed all kinds of things about me in the past and I haven’t even come close to doing these things. I simply talk to a guy and next thing I know, rumors are flying around everywhere

When St.Paulconverted they were saying bad things about him too. Keep on the path to God and don’t let people bring you down. The Holy Spirits gift of wisdom we should prefer to be talked bad about rather than to be praised.

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

SCANDAL. Any action or its omission, not necessarily sinful in itself, that is likely to induce another to do something morally wrong. Direct scandal, also called diabolical, has the deliberate intention to induce another to sin. In indirect scandal a person does something that he or she foresees will at least likely lead another to commit sin, but this is rather tolerated than positively desired. (Etym. Latin scandalum, stumbling block.)

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