Hawaii becomes first state to raise smoking age to 21


Hawaii becomes first state to raise smoking age to 21 college.usatoday.com/2016/01/02/hawaii-raises-smoking-age-to-21/




This from a state that says same sex ‘marriage’ is a right. Of course they don’t just ban it for everyone because they enjoy the tax revenues.


Great idea.

Im actually a bit surprised cigarettes are still even legal to sell…if someone created a new product as dangerous as these in modern times, there is NO WAY, it would be approved to sell to the public, one could claim the FDA is not doing their job by allowing them to be sold.

I do wonder though, if the statistics are true and so few people are smoking these days, why are the tobacco companies still so powerful and continue to bring in so much profit year after year?


I think it’s a good idea – my sister died from lung cancer since she had smoked from the time she was a teenager till she was diagnoed with lung cancer – there’s no cigarette that’s worth what she went through. I saw her the day before she died and she was in agony – when her son called me the next day to give me the news I thanked God!!!


Really? So if someone proposed making marijuana legal in some state today, that would obviously never get approved, right?


My grandmother and uncle also died of lung cancer and it is a horrible way to go, but I’m not sure its as bad as the poor quality of life someone who is addicted to cigarettes deals with. My mother misses time with her grandchildren because her home is unsafe for them to be in and she can’t be trusted to drive them without smoking in the car. She loves travel, music, and theater, but she can’t stand being on a plane or public music venue where she might have to go for hours without smoking. She’ll start having a panic attack before she even gets there! She used to have a good business on the side making dresses and window treatments, but no one wants their house or clothes to smell like cigarettes. She’s missed hours of conversation at restaurants and parties while she’s standing in the rain or freezing cold. She’s been thrown off a hospital grounds because she couldn’t control herself. My stepfather has lost two jobs from sneaking cigarettes. Smoking isn’t just a horrible way to die. It’s a horrible way to live.


Approval under state law and approval by the FDA are not the same thing. And marijuana will remain illegal under federal law regardless of what any state does.

This from a state that says same sex ‘marriage’ is a right. Of course they don’t just ban it for everyone because they enjoy the tax revenues.

As Churchill put it “The greatest lesson in life is to learn that even fools are right sometimes.” :slight_smile:


PS- I don’t think this change will have an effect though. Studies show that most life long smokers got hooked way before the legal age to buy them. A large percentage started smoking before high school!


Obama wouldn’t have liked that while growing up.
Does that include marijuana cigarettes too?!


New York City has also had the tobacco age at 21 since 2013.


Zactly. The leftist states always looking out for what’s right. This state has allegedly the worst drug problem and govt reliance for the peasants, er, people. Another step in control. As bad as smoking is, there is too much garbage not being regulated that’s killing us. Or regulated even though tis dangerous. So many parts per million of something safe? For generations? C’mon man!


I’ve seen people walk out of airports, knowing they would have to secure all over again (in 2005) to catch their connecting flight, just to smoke in the parking lot rather than wait 24 hours to smoke. There’s no way it’s not an addiction.

Bravo Honolulu!!!



Try raising it to stupid o’ clock


Marijuana is nowhere close to being as dangerous as cigarettes.

regular tobacco cigarettes have something like 27 different toxins added during manufacturing.


I think its a very disgusting habit to have. My little brother was a smoker; his house, clothes and car all smelled of smoke. I used to refuse to be in his house when he and/or his wife would smoke since I refused to breathe second hand smoke. When he’d come to visit me and needed a smoke, I would send him outside to smoke. When he died at the age of 46, it wasn’t from cancer but from a massive heart attack brought on partially by smoking according to the pathologists report.

I also got to watch my mother-in-law die from lung cancer; for years she denied that cigarettes caused cancer. Then she got the news that she was stage 4 lung cancer and she finally withered away to nothing and died in extreme agony before a heart attack ended her pain as well. One of the last things she did before dying was to tell my kids who were teens at the time that she was wrong and smoking does kill. Both my kids took it to heart and none of them smoke to this day.

Yes, it is a horrible way to live and horrible way to die as well.


I doubt it is true that cigarette companies add 27 different toxins. There are toxins naturally present in tobacco just as there are in other vegetable matter. Maybe in processing some things are added that are toxins. They may be very small quantities. Even if so it is definitely true municipal governments throughout the US add fluoride, a toxin, to water supplies. Tobacco smoke might contain formaldehyde but as I understand it Aspartame breaks down into formaldehyde. Cigarette smoking is very risky but I think in order to scare people many use bad and dishonest tactics. All that really matters is that if you smoke you greatly increase your risk for serious lung diseases and an early death.


Wait until marijuana is mass produced.

Anyone who says marijuana isn’t dangerous has never seen first-hand the havoc it can wreak on a young life. My son was hooked on it, I know wherefrom I speak. He was basically a zombie for three years and blew his education.

Fortunately he managed to get off of it and is now doing well in university, but three years behind his peers. His young nephew alas is still on it and his life is a train wreck.

I suppose you can say the same thing about alcohol, but the point here is that pot is not less harmless than smoking. A tobacco smoker can still function at a high level. A pot addict cannot. Put one behinds the wheel of a car and see who fares better: the pot or tobacco addict.

Not that I defend smoking, it killed my father (massive stroke). when I was only 12. AS far as I’m concerned tobacco should be banned altogether.



Dream on fluffy

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