Hawaii House passes gay marriage bill, back to Senate


Hawaii House passes gay marriage bill, back to Senate

Although an overwhelming majority of voters are against legalizing gay marriage, the state Senate passed the bill, the House passed a revised version of the bill, and the Senate is poised to pass it again this Tuesday. This special session was called by Hawaii’s governor, who will readily sign it.

In 1998, Hawaii voters approved an amendment to the State Constitution which would give the Legislator the power to limit marriage to oppose sex couples. The people understood they were voting against gay marriage. As soon as the governor signs the bill, a lawsuit will be filed with Hawaii’s Circuit Court. The plaintiffs allege that a same sex marriage law in Hawaii is unconstitutional.

80 percent of written testimony, 87 percent of oral testimony opposed SB1

Judge: 1998 voters may have thought they were banning gay marriage


In 2012, a federal judge upheld Hawaii’s marriage laws

In its order in Jackson v. Abercrombie, the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii concluded, “Throughout history and societies, marriage has been connected with procreation and childrearing…. It follows that it is not beyond rational speculation to conclude that fundamentally altering the definition of marriage to include same-sex unions might result in undermining the societal understanding of the link between marriage, procreation, and family structure.”

“In this situation,” the court continued, “to suddenly constitutionalize the issue of same-sex marriage ‘would short-circuit’ the legislative actions that have been taking place in Hawaii…. Accordingly, because Hawaii’s marriage laws are rationally related to legitimate government interests, they do not violate the federal Constitution.”



With a Democrat governor and near 100% Democrat Senate who can be surprised by this?

“The Hawaii Senate has 25 members — 24 Democrats and one Republican.” - The Washington Times

So-called “gay marriage” and abortion on demand have become the twin pillars of the Democrat party creed.

This isn’t exclusively a religious issue since marriage between one man and one woman follows the natural design of our bodies which predates every religion and goes all the way back to the beginning of the human race. But in our Catholic theology of the body and theology of the domestic church the husband symbolically represents Christ, and the wife represents the Church (Eph. 5:21-33). So, a “marriage” between two men would symbolize Christ without the Church, and a “marriage” between two women would symbolize the Church without Christ.

**Gay marriage to pass easily, key Hawaii senator says **


Letting the voters decide is not always the right thing to do. Do you think the South would have voted to abolish slavery? The laws changed because the time had come to outlaw slavery. Now the laws are changing to give equal rights to same sex couples. You are not obliged to enter into a same sex union. It is not affecting you in any way if you don’t have same sex attraction. You are still free to believe what you want and worship the way you want. This is something whose time has come. As the Pope has said, “Who am I to judge?”


When the Pope said this he meant that only God can judge someone’s soul. He didn’t mean that we can’t judge people’s actions.

What did Jesus mean when he said not to judge others? (10 things to know and share)


I do not think people should be allowed to vote on marriage, or legislators make decisions on who can marry, as marriage predates modern government, and I would argue that neither voters or legislators have any authority to determine who can marry.

What Pope Francis said was

If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?

Homosexual inclinations are not a sin, homosexual sexual actions are sin

Legalising homosexual civil unions and/or homosexual marriage can have an effect on broader society for the negative. Look what has happened in countries where homosexual marriage and/or civil unions have been legalised




The plaintiffs appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The defendant, the governor of Hawaii, joined the plaintiffs’s side in the appeal. The briefing will probably be completed next month.


Gay Lawmaker in Hawaii Voted Against Gay Marriage Because of Religious-Liberty Worries

As legislation allowing gay marriage in Hawaii heads toward its ultimate approval, state representative Jo Jordan explained why last week she became the first openly gay lawmaker to vote against same-sex marriage: She was worried about the effects gay marriage would have on religious liberty.

In an interview with Honolulu Magazine, Jordan says she didn’t really have time to process the decision because of how busy the special legislative session was. So, she just decided to “take it as it goes.”

“When I walked in here, I said, all I have is my integrity, to do my best I can,” Jordan says. “When this issue started arising, I had to think to myself, you need to stay grounded in what your root beliefs are. I’ve won an election, and sworn to uphold the constitution of the state as well as the United States. You have an obligation to this institution.”

She says that she had to take her “personal hat off” and think about the law as a legislator whose decision will affect 1.4 million people in her state.

With that in mind, Jordan discusses how she could have come to a decision that, says, everyone in the LGBT community would not understand:

I am not part of any faith-based group. . . I had come to the decision that SB1 needed to amended. It wasn’t protective enough for everybody. . . .

I really am not happy with the exemptions. Too narrow.

I’m not here to protect the big churches or the little churches, I’m saying we can’t erode what’s currently out there. We don’t want to scratch at the religious protections at all, because if we don’t create a measure that’s bulletproof, or as close to bulletproof as possible, then the measure will go to the courts. And they will interpret it however that may be. A judge will make assumptions and make a ruling, and that will become the law of the land. So you really want us to create the legislation.

I haven’t figured out why I felt so compelled to fight for the religious exemptions, to not erode Constitutional rights. I don’t belong to any particular denomination. I don’t wear one of those hats. I take religion out of everything. My religion is the mountain, the aina and spiritual. Everybody finds their own religion somewhere. I have the same values as they do, but it’s just a little different. When I walked into this session, that rose to the surface. Why me? Why am I trying to protect your religious rights?

I’m still trying to figure out. I’ve always followed paths. I don’t find the path. The path finds me. This, obviously, is a path I’m supposed to go. You’re not supposed to question. Just ‘OK.’

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It sure would be nice if these states had the stones to take it to a vote of the people and let them decide. Seems like in every state were gay marriage is legal, it’s either the courts or legislature deciding it.


Maine was by voter referendum. But I see your point and agree with it.


Same here in Minnesota.



What is interesting about this article is that:

  1. She is a Democrat
  2. She is a Lesbian.


You can support anything you want.But please don’t demean the Pope by suggesting he supports this in any way shape or form.


This now makes 16 states that have now entered the Sodom nation. I do not understand what the sudden push for same sex “marriage” is. until a few years ago, marriage was always understood to be between a man and a women. If same sex couples wanted to register themselves as a partnership, it was considered a civil union, and marriage was understood to be of religious origin.

I do think that this will attack religious beliefs of people in hawaii. business owners will be at risk due to anti discrimination laws.

I will say a prayer tonight for the people of Hawaii, hope many others will join me.
May God have mercy on America.


Most of the states where homosexual marriage has been legalised it has been imposed by legislatures or courts, but I am doubtful whether people should be allowed to vote. Voting on marriage does not make sense because a vote can not change the essence of what marriage is. Marriage is something that predates government and predates those who would vote and I do not think voters have authority to vote for marriage as being defined as anything than between one man and one woman.


From what I understand, “gay marriage” is definitely now going to be legalized in Hawaii. This is so disgusting. I really do not understand why there is such a huge push to legalize this atrocity which masquerades as marriage but which really is nothing of the sort.


The state Senate passed the revised bill yesterday, and the Governor will sign it today at the state convention center. The law becomes effective on December 2nd.

However, this might not happen. Tomorrow, a Circuit Court judge will hear a petition for a temporary restraining order, to prevent the state from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples until the new law’s constitutionality is challenged in court and a decision is made.

McDermott (R, Ewa Beach-Iroquois Point) sent Abercrombie a letter on Friday stating that he would seek a temporary restraining order in Circuit Court to prevent the state from issuing marriage licences to gay couples.


I hope that the judge rules against it and that somehow Hawaii can be saved from the atrocity of “gay marriage”.


About 80% of the people who provided written testimony, verbal testimony, and contacted the legislators were opponents of the bill. Many of the supporters (20%) came from other states.

It is the governor and the Democratic party pushing “gay marriage” onto the people.


Should women’s rights and the rights of African Americans get similar treatment?

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