Hawking - A High Priest of Atheism

Stephen Hawking’s life was remarkable. Those of us who believe in God are assaulted by his atheism and the negative comments that he made about religious belief.

Some people see proof in his statements. He had the imagination, as fellow Britisher John Lennon, to “imagine” that there was no God. There was no big bang, There was no time as we know it, only imaginary time. Etc. But, as he admitted plainly, there were no events to observe at the hypothesized big bang or moment of creation, even if there were observers. He admitted believing in things that science cannot prove.

Despite his medical condition, I suppose he would have said that he doesn’t believe in miracles. I think his fears of runaway global warming are plausible. He had some apprehension about artificial intelligence, but I haven’t read his popular best-selling book. Maybe somebody can help me with that, please.

I think we might describe him as a high priest of atheistic religion – telling us what to believe or not to believe, as the case may be. May he rest in peace.

you know, there’s a thread on his death that would have probably been a good place to engage people that are already talking about him. You can find it here:

Not sure how applicable that would really be. Any given celebrity or well known person may have his or her followers. But someone being unconvinced of God (or gods) doesn’t imply the person is part of the following of Stephen Hawking.

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