Hawking: Humans at risk of lethal 'own goal'


I’ve been posting this exact point for years, that science is over its head and ruining life on earth - looks like Stephen Hawking agrees with me. :stuck_out_tongue: Even though Hawking has made little to no scientific discovery, it’s still nice to see him on board, opining in this particular manner again. He also advocates “a sense of wonder [and awe]”, so the Holy Spirit is reaching him.

“It is ironic that such a prominent figure in science identifies scientific progress itself as the major source of new threats.” (BBC)



I find of some of this analysis to be more linear thinking.

Hawking, once again, is just talking about hot-button issues of the day where his conclusions sound all neat and nice on the surface and the BBC report undoubtedly sees this as legitimate given Hawking’s credentials.

I have to say I am disappointed.

For one thing, what does Dr. Hawking know about sustainability, robotics or atmospheric science? Has he even done research in these areas?


Hawking’s problem is that he doesn’t believe God will intervene, because he doesn’t believe in God.



Hawking has recently said that “philosophy is dead,” yet spends his time philosophizing about humans, the world and the future.

Many of these guys aren’t nearly as smart as the media makes them out to be…or as smart as they think they are.


This is my problem with Richard Dawkins. I saw a “debate” between him and the archbishop of Canterbury. The archbishop spoke in classic, theological terms and arguments that left Dawkins totally confused. At one point, the moderator, a little professor of philosophy, had to explain to Dawkins what the archbishop was saying!

In another “debate,” Laurence Krauss was completely ignorant during a presentation of Leibniz’s classic cosmological argument proving the existence of God.

Pride goes before the fall, indeed.


Once in a while I make a great batch of pancakes. But that doesn’t mean you should take my advice on growing wheat.


Mr. Hawking is just sharing what many who follow scientific advancements also fear: a runaway event that turns out of control. Anything humans make has either a dual use or some level of danger. He should know that. Great advances are being made to the point where it’s hard to keep track. Genetic engineering and robotics are two big ones. Real Terminators are under development now, minus the energy rifle, for now.



There’s no damage that modern scientists could do now that couldn’t be excelled forty years ago with hydrogen-armed ICBMs.



Biological weapons exist that would produce a “desired” outcome for those shielded from their effects. Most of the buildings and infrastructure would remain. The military has known since 1953 that hydrogen bombs are not practical weapons.



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