Hawthorne Dominicans


I wasn’t aware of these sisters until today, when I learned about them thanks to mdgspencer’s thread:


Then a Catholic, a priest told her of a poor seamstress who died alone from cancer. “A fire was then lighted in my heart, where it still burns,” she said. “I set my whole being to endeavor to bring consolation to the cancerous poor.” When she herself opened a house for those with incurable sickness, other women joined her. With this she began the hospice movement. Then she then began an Catholic order of sisters, and her order still continues the work she began in the Nineteenth Century, giving care without cost for those facing death from their illnesses. newbostonpost.com/2015/12/05/rose-hawthorne-founder-of-the-modern-hospice-movement

Here is a link to their website:




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