Haydock Douay Rheims Bible.....


I’ve been wanting a copy of this Bible for a long time, but the price was frankly more than I could afford. So I’d like to thank the member who posted a link to All Catholic Books, where it’s available for about $40 less than anywhere else I’ve seen.

My copy arrived yesterday (in exactly one week, in spite of the fact that I chose media mail) and all I can say is WOW!!! :extrahappy: In addition to the notes (which actually do take up close to half of the page), there are lengthy prefaces before the OT and NT, a large Bible Dictionary, a History of the Books of the Bible, to name just a few of the extras.

And this Bible looks good!! Although this isn’t classified as a “large print” edition, the type is actually big enough for someone with less than perfect eyes to read. The type of the notes is somewhat smaller than the body of the page, but still large enough to be readable.

I couldn’t be more pleased–even though I’ll probably have to live on tuna fish the rest of the month…:rotfl:

Oh yes–the link: allcatholicbooks.com/ Just enter the site, and put “Haydock” in the search box and you’ll be taken to a link for the Bible…:thumbsup:



I linked in a bunch of DR resources on this thread, including free ones (you could have had your tuna fish and eaten it too).

Mark Wyatt


Thanks for the links, Mark–I was aware that there were good bargains on the DR version out there. But what I was specifically looking for was the Haydock version, and that’s going to cost some money wherever you find it.

But it’s well worth it–and, hey, I actually like tuna fish…:rotfl:


NMJenny - Is the print quality nice and uniform? I understand the book is a photo reproduction of an old edition (19th century?). How about paper quality? Are the edges gilt? Is it too heavy to just pick up and read? Thanks for any thoughts. :slight_smile:


Mine just came through the mail today and well its surprisingly thinner and lighter than the previous softcover edition. The paper is a little thinner than the previous edition but the printing seems darker. Unfortunately no guilding. Comes with 1 ribbon marker. To me the weight is managable.


This Bible is definitely bigger than the average copy, but it’s not so heavy as to be a problem. As for the quality of the print, I read somewhere about a lot of problems with the earlier editions, but this is a 2006 edition and the print is just fine. There are also full page pictures scattered here and there through the Bible–all are in black and white, but the picture is sharp and clear.

No gilt on the edge of the pages, but there is quite a bit on the front cover and the spine. The pages are thin, but not “tissue paper” as some small Bibles have–these actually feel like paper…


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