"HBO Removes ‘Gone With the Wind’, Erasing First Black Woman to Win an Oscar"

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HBO removed it from their streaming.

That’s all.

It streams on other services such as Amazon prime.

TCM broadcasts it two or three times yearly. They also stream it periodically as well.

I thought about her when I saw that. How does that help the accomplishments she made as an actress? I’m sure she was proud of winning that award and the other acting work she did. I’m not a fan of the movie but to remove it from their showings, don’t know.


Usually streaming services rotate their selections.

The film is still available on other sites.

“Erasing” appears to be an unsuitable strong word here.

I was speaking to someone about this movie a few weeks ago and she (an African-American woman) had mixed feelings on it. While awards are notable she also saw it as iconic of the types of res to which black women were limited.

In the same conversation though we have wondered if a road named “Tara Blvd” in Clayton County, GA would be renamed. It was named after Tara from GWTW. The area is now primarily populated by African-Americans and intersects such roads as Robert E. Lee Street, which is adjacent to Stonewall Jackson Drive.

I remember reading that during the Oscars ceremony the year that she won her academy award, Hattie McDaniel was not allowed to sit at the same table as the other actors and stars from the movie, but was forced to sit way in the back of the auditorium, out of sight of the cameras and the audience. Which I thought (and still think) was a shameful way to treat somebody, especially someone thought worthy of an Oscar nomination.


I still treasure my DVD copy of “Song of the South” which i scooped up when Disney announced they were pulling it from circulation in the 1990s, due to unrealistic portrayals of slave life, and possibly briar patches.

Seeing it as a kid, all I picked up on was how likable, gentile and heroic Uncle Remus was. It is not a documentary. Think about if the Catholic Church demanded all unrealistic portrayals of Catholicism were removed from circulation. 95% of Catholic movies would disappear.

I just wonder if this sort of movement will carve out special treatments for depictions of African Americans, or it will gain steam with all unrealistic movies.

just kidding, no one wonders that. We know the answer.


The danger of this sort of censorship is that people react against it.

Im convinced that political correctness is what got Trump elected. Once you are sick of being told to shut up, you vote for the man with the biggest mouth you can find.


It certainly seems to have erased her quickly. 8 posts in and no one has successfully named the actress in question.

Hattie McDaniel. There.

I remember reading that Clark Gable refused to attend the premiere in Atlanta because McDaniel wouldn’t be allowed to.


Its all part of history, for good or bad. I’m not a fan of censorship.


HBO released a statement on why they removed it …current events…and that it was temporary.

  • The streaming service added that the film would return to the platform accompanied by “a discussion of its historical context and a denouncement of those very depictions”, but would remain unaltered “because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed”.*

Is that actually censorship?

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Thanks, you really proved that this thread is motivated by people’s great love of Hattie McDaniel and her work.

I wasn’t a big fan of the film but I think it is an important part of cinematographic history.


Is that necessary to disagree with Netflix’s decision?

Are people protesting because of their love for George Floyd? or is it bigger than a man they had never hard of before?

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Just inconsistency, it would appear. Hopefully, they treat the “Davinci Code” the same way.


What would you like to see done with Davinci Code? I realize that the story is absurd but it’s a fiction? Bart Ehrman even wrote a book on all its inaccuracies but doesn’t claim it should be censored for them.

For consistency, this should happen with the Davinci Code, do you not agree?

Look we know it won’t, but it seems odd they are selecting certain movies that are inaccurate fictional portrayals and not others. I guess Catholic protests back in 2003 weren’t angry enough.


I do agree. Way too many people were gullible enough, or just ignorant of historical Christianity, that a disclaimer at the beginning would be educational. I thought you were recommending censorship, my bad!


It’s still available on many different streaming services.

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