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Does anyone here watch this show? My wife used to watch it until I put a stop to it. The several episodes I watched were very graphic sexually. I don’t watch porn and I expect her not to watch vampire porn. Am I out of line?

well, I don’t know how you could have put a stop to it without her agreement. That said, maybe she just needed a little push in the direction she wanted to go? She probably found the storyline engaging and the acting done very well. It’s a very popular program. She probably happened upon it by accident or out of boredom and was drawn to it. Sometimes it’s hard to say NO when you know you should. I’d compare it to turning down chocolate during Lent when you give it up. It’s yummy but you know you shouldn’t eat it?

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not like you’re forcing her to not see it by threat of punishment or something. Maybe she’s glad you helped her turn it off. Did you talk to her about it?

I’m glad to hear you put a stop to it. This show is so disgusting and demonic.

Well done show where the vampirism is a metaphor for those who aren’t getting it.

It’s one of my favorite shows. It’s a pretty graphic show, but I definitely wouldn’t call it porn. It’s a lot like any movie you might watch.

Whether you’re out of line depends on how your wife feels. If it were me, I wouldn’t stand being told what I can and can’t watch. It would definitely create tension in the relationship, and I would just watch the show anyway.

It was getting to be a bit like porn, it wasn’t a bad premise, the whole vampires living in the open idea, would have been better without the porn. Now on the other hand the Twilight movies, those are class act, I highly recommend them

The author of the book series the show is based off of is actually quite unhappy about the show, or so I’ve heard. The books are better, and not nearly as graphic sexually. Their more of a mystery series than the show portrays.

*Edit: If she likes the storyline, the books are really good, and an easy read.

Oh yeah. That too. I really enjoy it, personally. The metaphor is pretty powerful, actually.

I have to disagree. The Twilight Saga is an overblown mess of fake vampires and the main one shows abusive tendencies. I’ve read far too many critiques about it, and have read all four books and seen both movies. If you want good vampires, Forever Knight is always an oldie but goodie, though I doubt they play it anymore.

Forever Knight, I used to really like that show, my favorite episode was the flash-back to his meeting with Joan of Ark.

btw, if The Twilight Saga isn’t very good, why have you read ALL FOUR books? I haven’t read any of the books, for either series, I just thought the two Twilight movies were well done, and I liked those werewolves, thought that was pretty cool how they protected the humans from the vampires. I’m not really a vampire junkie

I have not seen either Twilight or Tru Blood, so I can’t rightly say anything about them good or bad. However, I was just wondering how your wife took to being ‘forbidden’ something? I know that the Bible teaches the man is the ‘head’ of the house, but I still can’t fathom my husband “forbidding” me anything.

You are one of the few people I know of who has heard of Forever Knight. I was about 3 when it came out, and I used to watch it. It was my introduction to vampires. I now have season one on DVD.

As for the Twilight question. I read them my freshman year of college. I was OK with them, but I wasn’t really into them, because I didn’t like how she did the vampires, and parts of the plot bothered me. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship as well. Then I became an English major, and realized her writing was terrible, and I was out of the relationship in question, so it was a lot easier to see the symptoms of abuse that were glorified in the book. And my mom made me see the movie, because she’s curious. She’s making me see them all, which it’s nice I get to spend time with her, but I’m going to be irritated watching this movie. Plus I would still read them just to say I did and can critique them better. As an English major, it’s a what not to do in writing. She breaks the “Show, Don’t Tell” rule in massive ways.

*Edit: The Movie was slightly better. I think Jacob was portrayed pretty well in the movies. She ruined his character hard core by the last 2 books.

thank you for making me feel very old :wink:

Sorry! That was not my intent! Now I feel old too. I’m almost 21… :slight_smile:

Here, here. I can only imagine my wife’s reaction if I tried to “put a stop to” something she was doing. :eek: I think putting my foot down would only serve to insert said foot into mouth. :wink:

Yes, I love it too. And while it may have some sexually graphic scenes it is not porn. I’ve seen hard core porn and folks, this isn’t even close. I read a couple of the books after watching the series and I like the series a lot better (I like the story line better, I love Bill).

And no one tells me what to watch, read, etc. Thanks, but I don’t need my own personal censor. And I’m glad there are shows like “True Blood” on pay cable for that are designed for adults who enjoy adult oriented programming. Hey, I love “Dexter” too. :smiley:

I am having a “Dexter” night with a few of my friends. Also, have you read the books? My friend has some of them, and they are wonderfully written, from what she’s read to me.

Also, I agree with the last statement, no one tells me what to watch, either.

*Edit: I commend the signature, as well. I want that symbol somewhere on my personal belongings.

Caught an episdoe ONCE, and that was enough for me.

Porn or sexually graphic, its still not a show a practicing Catholic should be watching. It certainly isn’t like any movie I’d want to pay money to see.

But I wouldn’t take kindly to my husband “forbidding” me to watch it, that’s a whole different issue.

It makes me so happy not to have cable.

I can’t believe shows like Dexter are on regular TV…that’s probably why I hardly watch network TV. Soon there’ll be no boundaries.

Why do you find Dexter so offensive out of curiosity? Do you similarly despise action movies, where the “good guy” goes out to kill a bunch of “bad guys”?

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