"HBO's 'Angry Boys' Slammed For Featuring Young Girl Drinking From Penis Cup"


Looking for age -most girls outgrow sippy cups pretty young.

ok here is the little girl with her pink sippy cup -maybe 4?

HBO makes their money from pushing the envelope and as much as I enjoy some of their programing I’m not shocked.

I’m sure this will rile up parents everywhere and make my job harder.

My wife and I are so happy we never installed cable when we moved to Kentucky in 2000. We’ve moved two more times since then and never desired to re-install the sewer pipe called cable and any of the additional movie channels. Nothing by filth trying to pass itself off and entertainment.

i sit in disbelief.

Chris Lilley, the comedian who plays many of the characters in the series, and is the series creator, seems to be a very talented person. However, the scene described in this thread crosses the line of decency.

According to the LA Times article, Lilley enjoys provoking people. He is also infamous for his cross-racial portrayals, including a black man (brown makeup and curly wig), a Chinese man and a Japanese mother.

I just hope people get angry and call HBO or write and let them know.

I’m going to call them and tell them they have produced some of the finest art in the history of television, and it has been a privilege to be able to watch their shows. I’m going to tell them that their work has contributed positively to the growth of man, and our understanding of the world.

Then I’m going to tell them that I don’t agree with everything they air, but that’s ok, because
I have free will, and I can just choose to not watch those programs. I will also not pretend that I am better than everyone else because I don’t watch those shows, since I am not the moral police for the entire world.

You don’t have to be the moral police to find something majorly wrong with this picture.

I hope many people call the make a complaint. If this had been Fox news, they’d be shutting the station down or picketing until they did.

The same applies to HBO !!!

So in other words, freedom of speech is dead?

yep1 Freedom of porn on little children should always be dead

The question is, does the little girl understand the meaning of drinking from a penis? Can she in fact, even in principle be capable of understanding what it means? If NOT, then one cannot say that she can be used to portray this kind of freedom of speech. She is being abused in the making of this video. He rights are being trampled to portray something. In this case her rights are more important then the satire the sketch aimed to portray.


Context is always important. Child porn is not freedom of speech because we believe that little children can’t consent to sexual behaviour, because they don’t fully understand it and it’s harmful to them.

Seems to me that there is an anti-Japanese angle to this. While Japan has a problem with child pornography, most Japanese parents would not do this to their child. And yes there are penis festivals, but they involve grown up women, not babies.

The real issue is that by bringing this subject up in this forum, you essentially gave this show free advertising. How many people here had never heard of “Angry Boys”? If you’re upset about something, why not be upset about it in a way that is not going to drive more people to the show to check out if it’s as morally reprehensible as you say?

Note that I am not condoning the actions of this show, but I am also not so morally outraged that I need to contact HBO. They are a revenue based entity, and it is their job to make money and entertain. It is your job as a responsible Catholic citizen to decide if the programming they put out is something you want to watch or let your children watch.

Some may not want to call but others will. Some may turn the show off. As a catholic I see a small child that needs protection and I hope the state checks into her parents also to find out why they would allow their daughter to do such a skit.

This child can’t speak for herself.

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