I read in several websites that this Thrusday is a HDO. I mentioned this to my very devout grandma and she said she had never heard of this…

Can someone clarify the HDO to me? I don’t want to miss any HDO, and now that I planted the doubt on my grandma, I have to know so I can tell her…

Not in the United States at large:


Holy Thursday is not a holy day of obligation. You are perfectly free to not attend that day. The same goes for Good Friday.

Perhaps someone has gotten confused with Ascension Thursday. That is 40 days after Easter and is a HDO, but it is often transferred to the nearby Sunday, so ends up not really being an extra day that you have to go.

The HDO can vary by your locale, so you may need a local answer. Where I live they are:

Dec 25
Nov 1
Jan 1
Aug 15
Dec 8
and the Ascension.

Some years about half of them get transferred away to the nearest Sunday or abrogated somehow, so it can be hard to keep track.

Thanks! Those are the dates I thought were the HDOs.

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