"He Is Risen" comments on Good Friday?

My SIL ran across a comment which is very similar to others I have seen the past week: “Happy Good Friday, everyone! He Is Risen!”

When she commented that Easter wasn’t “til Sunday”, she was rebuked with, “No, He is risen all the time. That’s why we say “is” and not “has”. He conquered death and that’s forever and I am so grateful for that!”

I recommended she either not respond or just say something like “there’s no Easter without a Good Friday” or “we like to celebrate ALL of Christ’s life, not just the parts that make us feel good.” Obviously we are all grateful that Christ rose, but it seems we at least owe it to Him to remember His Passion as well.

Thoughts? Anyone else see a lot of this, this year?

It seems to me that he is also crucified “all the time” since the least of his people still suffer. Remember what he said to Saul, “Why do you persecute ME?”

I think there is a recent thread or maybe one post about some non-Catholic Christians not celebrating Easter as Christian holiday. I know that many non-Catholic churches don’t have Easter Services for the same reason.

From an old post of mine:

The year The Passion of the Christ was released, an Evangelical Church invited the public to study sessions they were having. My parish wasn’t offering anything, so I decided to go and see what people thought about the movie. I didn’t know anyone at the church and hoped no one would ask where I “worshiped.” I mostly listened but a couple of times I chimed in with some “thoughts” (wish I could remember, but it was solid Catholic theology) and people nodded thoughtfully and seemed to consider what I was saying and the conversation did not come to a grinding halt.

**Later one of the ladies said something like, "sometimes I think Catholics **(oh, here it comes…) are too focused on the suffering and death of Jesus, but I think they may have something." (What? Whew…) It’s not just for Catholics anymore.

Sounds like your SIL’s interlocutor is behind the times.

She’s right, of course, that we are privileged to live in the post-Resurrection world in which “He is Risen” is always true. Awesome!

However, Good Friday is the day to remember and meditate on the Passion, and Holy Saturday is the day to put ourselves in the mindset of those who mourned while Jesus lay in the tomb. Part of the goal there, I think, is to deepen the joy of Easter by exciting in us greater anticipation. Therefore the Easter greeting and response are usually reserved for Easter itself.

I probably would have replied “Spoilers!” in my best River Song voice :smiley: (That’s a Doctor Who reference, though, so it only works for a limited audience.)


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You just made my day, Usagi. :hug1:

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